Self-assessment tax returns

6 December 2019

Self-assessment is the method used for accounting for income tax to HMRC. Tax is automatically deducted from wages, pensions and savings. Persons and businesses with other income (such as rental income, investment income, commissions) must submit a self-assessment return.

6 ways to help support mental health in the early years

6 December 2019

Government data suggests that 8% of 5 to 10-year-olds and 12% of 11 to 16-year-olds may have a clinically diagnosed mental health condition. For many, their problems may have begun in the early years. Young children can show clear signs of emotional issues at a very early age, including signs of anxiety or depression, post-traumatic stress, attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorders and autistic spectrum disorders. Nursery staff must pay attention to these signs and act accordingly. Organisations such as the Mental Health Foundation firmly believe that many mental health problems in children are preventable and that there is considerable scope for intervention by early years care givers. What are some of the most effective actions that early years staff can take to promote good mental health in the under 5s and support families affected by mental health issues? Martin Hodgson investigates.

Supporting language development in the early years

28 November 2019

With increasing numbers of children starting school with poor speech and communication skills, it is essential that practitioners support young children’s language development in early years provisions. Early years staff play a key role in encouraging and supporting language acquisition as well as identifying any potential difficulties children may be experiencing, writes Elizabeth Walker.

Tax reliefs

22 November 2019

John Davison outlines the tax reliefs and allowances available to small businesses that earn income as a sole proprietor or in a partnership. Income earned through a company is subject to corporation tax.


22 November 2019

Babies are born completely egocentric but over time develop the ability to see situations from others’ viewpoints. Liz Hodgman, Childcare Consultant, looks at how children’s egocentrism declines as their empathy and social skills develop and how childcare practitioners can support this process.

Temporary staff — fixed-term contracts and agency workers

20 November 2019

With Christmas soon approaching, hiring temporary staff may be necessary to keep operations functional. Andrew Willis, senior manager at Croner’s Litigation and Employment department details what organisations should consider before hiring provisional employees during a busier period.

Healthy eating in the early years

15 November 2019

With more than a fifth of children either overweight or obese when they join Reception class, it is vital that healthy eating habits are instilled in children from a young age. A nutritious, balanced diet and sufficient physical activity are essential to a child’s long-term health and development, and good nutrition is also associated with improved learning and behaviour. Elizabeth Walker looks at the latest guidance for early years provisions on providing healthy meals and snacks for the young children in their care.

Christmas parties and employee misconduct — what are the dangers?

13 November 2019

Christmas is just around the corner and many employers may be looking to organise the annual Christmas party. While this should be a fun experience for everyone concerned, should they be worried about the potential for employee misconduct? Ben McCarthy, employment law writer at Croner-i, explores this in more detail below.

How to manage food allergies in early years provisions

8 November 2019

With almost 1 in 12 young children now suffering from a food allergy, it is essential that early years practitioners can recognise the symptoms and know how to manage allergic conditions in their nursery.

Christmas election — what could this mean for employment?

6 November 2019

With a General Election set for 12 December 2019, Ben McCarthy, employment law writer at Croner-i, outlines previous confirmed developments to the law going forward, alongside the implications for future changes from a Conservative or Labour victory.