Mud kitchens

8 August 2019

Those of us who grew up without computers and mobile phones spent many hours, rain or shine, playing outdoors having endless fun with few resources. We created new “recipes” with mud, leaves and water, and the latest perfume from water and petals. While learning about technology is vital for children, we need a return to the basic outdoor learning that nature provides. Liz Hodgman reports.

The advantages and disadvantages of voluntary redundancies

7 August 2019

Redundancies have been big news recently, with many large organisations choosing to lower staff numbers to reduce their costs in harsh economic times. With voluntary redundancies continuing to be a method to avoid compulsory cuts, we take a look at how these decisions may benefit or disadvantage businesses.

Transitions as a time of change

1 August 2019

Transitions are a time of change requiring careful reflective thought about the practice within early years provision, whether that is childcare settings or Reception classes. In early years, transitions happen a lot and it is important that children feel safe when change happens, writes Early Years consultant Rebecca Fisk.

Drug testing in the workplace

29 July 2019

Amanda Beattie from Croner Consulting explains the legislation surrounding drug testing at work and advises on best practice.

Tooth decay in the early years

25 July 2019

While there have been significant improvements in oral health in recent years, tooth decay remains a serious problem for young children. A child in England has a tooth removed in hospital every ten minutes due to preventable tooth decay, according to new figures published by Public Health England (PHE). Early years providers are being called on to play an important role in oral health education and to support families in the fight against tooth decay. Elizabeth Walker looks at the current advice on tackling this entirely preventable disease.

Personal view and the workplace — when the two collide

10 July 2019

It appears that not a day goes past without another high-profile story of someone losing their job because they’ve posted a personal view on social media which is offensive, inappropriate or against company policy. Whether it’s an Australian rugby player or an over-excited football fan being caught on camera, what action can employers take when personal views are causing a negative impact on your workplace environment?

The Natural Health Service

2 July 2019

Can nature make us healthier? Laura King looks at whether a dose of nature can be the right medicine.

Keeping children safe in the sun

28 June 2019

Now that the summer months are upon us, early years providers must ensure that they take the necessary steps to keep children safe in the hot weather. Elizabeth Walker looks at the issues involved.