Conducting a safeguarding investigation

13 September 2019

Although rare, there are occasions when a manager or designated safeguarding lead, is asked to conduct an investigation into a safeguarding incident or a disclosure. This may be requested by the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO). Liz Hodgman, Childcare Consultant, explains how an investigation can be conducted in a childcare provision.

Supporting children learning English as an additional language

6 September 2019

Early years providers are welcoming increasing numbers of young children who are learning English as an additional language (EAL), and must ensure that their provisions are inclusive and fully supportive of every child in their care, writes Elizabeth Walker.

Resilience at work — why it matters

4 September 2019

Should employers be doing more to support their employees at work? Tricia Palmer, HR consultant, leadership expert and personal coach considers various issues, resilience at work, and what might impact an individual’s level of resilience?

Forest school in the early years

30 August 2019

An increasing number of early years practitioners are adopting the forest school approach to support outdoor learning in their provisions. The forest school experience offers many benefits to young children and encourages development across all areas of the EYFS, writes Elizabeth Walker.

Applications for job vacancies through social media

28 August 2019

A very short time ago, jobs were advertised in the local or national newspaper, at significant expense, and a candidate would post his or her completed application form and curriculum vitae (CV) hoping that the Royal Mail would deliver this paper copy before the deadline. Every stage of this process has changed significantly and remarkably quickly. The question, asks Gudrun Limbrick, is are employers keeping up with the myriad ways in which potential candidates now communicate about important matters such as jobs?

Returning to work after childbirth

28 August 2019

The return to work by postnatal mothers is a major transition. However, careful management plays a crucial role in retaining and developing the best talent, points out Gordon Tranter.

Using exit interviews to improve your retention rates

28 August 2019

There may be times when companies see talented employees resign and wonder if they could have done more to prevent their decision. It may be too late to save that particular individual, but a well thought-out exit interview process can help employers work to prevent similar departures.

Supporting emotional wellbeing in the early years

16 August 2019

With more children now experiencing mental health issues, it is vital that families and practitioners recognise that children’s emotional wellbeing is just as important as their physical health. Elizabeth Walker looks at how giving the right support in the early years can lead to positive outcomes in later life.

Are employees entitled to unpaid leave?

14 August 2019

Employees may request unpaid leave for time off work. Amanda Beattie from Croner Consulting explains what unpaid leave entitlement is, why employees may choose to take it and the rules and regulations surrounding it.