Separation anxiety

25 October 2019

Starting at an early years provision can be a daunting and emotional experience for both the parents and child. Some children can feel very distressed when they are left by their parents in a new environment and it is important that practitioners recognise the significance of separation anxiety and support families during this period of transition. Elizabeth Walker looks at the issues involved.

Fancy dress at work — good idea or the stuff of nightmares?

23 October 2019

With Halloween almost upon us, some employers may want to use this as an opportunity to allow employees to wear fancy dress to work. Ben McCarthy, employment law writer at Croner-i, outlines what companies should bear in mind in these situations.

Developing the pencil grip

18 October 2019

Many hours are spent in infant school classes supporting children to develop the three-finger tripod pencil grip. However, the real work in preparing children to be able to develop a good pencil grip needs to happen within their nursery and pre-school years. Liz Hodgman, Childcare Consultant, looks at how a child’s pencil grip develops and suggests practical ideas that early years practitioners can use to support it.

How to develop intergenerational practice in nurseries

11 October 2019

An increasing number of nurseries are linking with old people’s care homes amidst growing evidence that there are significant benefits for both generations, as well as the wider community. Bringing the young and elderly together can boost children’s wellbeing, language development and social skills, as well as changing attitudes towards ageing. Elizabeth Walker looks at the benefits for young children and the practical steps early years providers can take to develop intergenerational practice in their settings.

The Montessori approach

11 October 2019

Dr Maria Montessori was one of the most important early years educators of the 20th century, and has influenced the education of young children all over the world, writes Elizabeth Walker.

The dos and don’ts of managing employee disability

9 October 2019

While a disabled employee can present numerous challenges for an employer, appropriately managing this situation can help to avoid discrimination claims, as well as maintaining and prolonging the employment relationship. Ben McCarthy, employment law writer at Croner-i, explores several points that employers should consider when managing employee disability.

Three things to know about cancelling approved leave

9 October 2019

One of the most common annual leave queries which arises is whether an employer can cancel an employee’s approved annual leave. Cancelling an employee’s approved annual leave could result in constructive dismissal claims, so employers are advised to tread carefully.

The Prevent Duty

4 October 2019

Liz Hodgman looks at the Prevent Duty and what it really means for early years providers.