Personal view and the workplace — when the two collide

10 July 2019

It appears that not a day goes past without another high-profile story of someone losing their job because they’ve posted a personal view on social media which is offensive, inappropriate or against company policy. Whether it’s an Australian rugby player or an over-excited football fan being caught on camera, what action can employers take when personal views are causing a negative impact on your workplace environment?

The Natural Health Service

2 July 2019

Can nature make us healthier? Laura King looks at whether a dose of nature can be the right medicine.

Keeping children safe in the sun

28 June 2019

Now that the summer months are upon us, early years providers must ensure that they take the necessary steps to keep children safe in the hot weather. Elizabeth Walker looks at the issues involved.

Diabetes in the workplace

11 June 2019

10 June 2019 marks the start of Diabetes Week in the UK. This article looks at the condition and how it may affect health and safety in the workplace.

Sick notes — a guide for employers

5 June 2019

Staff members with certain ailments need time off work for treatment and recovery. How does the process work? Health Assured, the wellbeing services provider, describes the current system of sick notes (or statements of fitness for work) and how employers can obtain them, and outlines what details a sick note should cover.

Panic attacks at work: what should you do?

28 May 2019

Thoroughly unpleasant and hard to deal with at the best of times, panic attacks at work are even worse. We consider the causes, signs and triggers of a panic attack and advise on how to help.

Supporting asthma in early years provisions

23 May 2019

With asthma now affecting one in eleven children in the UK, it is essential that early years providers can support any young sufferers in their care. Asthma affects each individual differently and practitioners need to work closely with families to ensure continuity of care while children are away from home. Elizabeth Walker discusses the importance of developing an asthma policy which sets out the provision’s commitment to meeting the needs of children with asthma.