Feature Articles

Addressing poor performance in the workplace

8 January 2019

In this article, Kathy Daniels, employment law author and associate professor, gives a summary of the legal issues surrounding the management of poor performance in the workplace.

Recruitment problems and “gut feeling”

7 January 2019

Gudrun Limbrick looks at a recent survey that has found that “gut feeling” is still the most common reason for hiring one person rather than another, despite all the tools available to help with recruitment and considers whether this represents a real problem or the best way of finding a suitable team member.

Zero-hours contracts: a brief guide

3 January 2019

Zero-hours contracts are often a point of contention. The appeal of this type of contract is its flexible nature, but that’s also where the majority of issues arise.

8 things coming up in 2019

28 December 2018

2018 has been an interesting year in the world of HR with the UK Government introducing some major changes to existing employment law. Here, we summarise the latest changes with eight things to look out for in 2019, as well as a recap of 2018 in employment law.

Managing physical contact in early years provisions

17 December 2018

Early years providers need to have close physical contact with the young children in their care to support their emotional needs, basic care routines, and to provide a safe and secure environment. However, practitioners are becoming increasingly worried about finding an approach that balances the use of physical contact with potential safeguarding concerns. Elizabeth Walker looks at the issues involved.

How to prepare for winter illnesses in early years

17 December 2018

Cold, wintery weather usually brings with it an increase in ill health, especially in communal environments such as schools and early years services where infections are most easily spread. What health problems are commonly associated with winter and what can early years managers do best to ensure the welfare of their children through the winter months? Martin Hodgson investigates.

Stress-related illness — the employer’s responsibilities

12 December 2018

In this article, Kathy Daniels, employment law author and associate professor, gives a summary of your responsibilities in ensuring that employees are not subject to excessive stress in the workplace.

Dealing with childhood bereavement

10 December 2018

Martin Hodgson looks at ways of helping children who are going through bereavement.

Dealing with the difficult employee

28 November 2018

Difficult people are everywhere, says Bob Patchett, and any sizeable workforce probably includes a few near-saints, a larger group of people who can be difficult occasionally, and a few who thrive on being difficult.

Preparing for adverse weather conditions

26 November 2018

As the temperature drops, it is important to prepare for the worst. With the nights getting darker, the chill is setting in and beginning to bite, with prospects of frost, ice and snow. Nicola Mullineux, Group Manager at Croner, details how companies can prepare for these conditions in advance, to ensure minimal disruption to businesses during the winter.