How to reduce plastics in early years provisions

13 May 2019

With the UK producing around five million tonnes of plastic waste every year, it is time for all of us to consider how we can improve our environmental sustainability. The Government has now urged all schools to eliminate single-use plastics by 2022 and early years providers will inevitably have to follow in their footsteps. Elizabeth Walker looks at the practical changes nurseries can make to reduce their use of plastic and how they can teach the next generation about their role in looking after the environment.

Managing transitions in early years provisions

9 May 2019

Research suggests that transitions are central to young children’s development and emotional wellbeing, and the way in which the first transitions are handled could have a significant impact on the child’s capacity to cope with change in the short and long term. Early years practitioners should ensure children are fully supported through these key transitions and plan for them appropriately, writes Elizabeth Walker.

Top 10 tips for safe recruitment in early years

6 May 2019

Early years providers must ensure that children in their care are safe from harm and that their welfare is promoted at all times. To achieve this, it is important to have robust recruitment policies and processes in place that focus on safeguarding.

Providing support to carers in the workplace

1 May 2019

With an ageing population, UK employers are experiencing an increase in numbers of those within their workforce who are undertaking unpaid care. In 2019, research by Carers UK revealed that one in seven of all workers have caring responsibilities that they are managing alongside their professional lives, with over two million having reduced working hours in order to meet their responsibilities. A staggering nearly 2.6 million people are reported to have given up work in order to care full time, with around 600 people leaving work every day over the past two years.

Menopause: managing the change of life in the workplace

24 April 2019

Treating women as equal to men does not mean treating the two sexes the same. Women are different biologically and this may need to be taken into account at work. Gordon Tranter investigates how the menopause can affect women’s health in the workplace and suggests how employers can provide support to enable women to continue to work comfortably and productively during this time.

Right to work checks: a Brexit update

16 April 2019

Following last week’s developments, the UK is now legally set to leave the EU on 31 October 2019 unless a deal can be reached before that date.