Gross negligence manslaughter: prison awaits

1 July 2019

Cases of gross negligence manslaughter, which is manslaughter caused by an individual as opposed to corporate manslaughter, appear to be on the increase. Andrew Christodoulou investigates.

Modern slavery: breaking the chains in construction

1 May 2019

Modern slavery continues in many labour-intensive industries, including construction. Dave Howell asks what practical steps can be taken to eradicate this practice across the nation’s construction sites

Off-site construction: slowly but surely?

7 March 2019

Often described as a solution to the housing crisis, off-site construction has continued to evolve slowly. Will we see a significant shift in attitude and a broader practical application of these techniques by the larger construction firms? Dave Howell reports.

Planning for change

4 March 2019

The UK has one of the strictest and most complex planning application processes in the world. Dave Howell assesses how this could change in the wake of the Raynsford Review.

Cancer: the facts

1 February 2019

The workplace can be a key battleground in the fight against cancer, particularly if there are potential risks from ionising radiation and carcinogenic substances. Jon Herbert reports on the key facts.

Horizon scanning – future tripwires

17 January 2019

What risks lurk at the edge of our knowledge and imagination that could become tomorrow’s health and safety problems? Forewarned is forearmed, and due diligence suggests that we have a duty to find out, argues Jon Herbert.