Feature Articles

Planning for change

15 February 2019

The UK has one of the strictest and most complex planning application processes in the world. Dave Howell assesses how this could change in the wake of the Raynsford Review.

Cancer: the facts

1 February 2019

The workplace can be a key battleground in the fight against cancer, particularly if there are potential risks from ionising radiation and carcinogenic substances. Jon Herbert reports on the key facts.

Horizon scanning – future tripwires

17 January 2019

What risks lurk at the edge of our knowledge and imagination that could become tomorrow’s health and safety problems? Forewarned is forearmed, and due diligence suggests that we have a duty to find out, argues Jon Herbert.

Training the next generation in construction

15 January 2019

Teaching the essential skills that new construction workers will need is being touched by advanced digital technologies, Dave Howell reports.

Specific risk assessments for defibrillators, temperature and mental health

9 January 2019

Subscribers have asked us for more information on specific risk assessments, the cornerstone of health and safety management. Beverly Coleman advises on how to conduct assessments for how many defibrillators you might need, thermal comfort and mental ill health.

Out in the cold — working on construction sites in low temperatures

4 January 2019

Andrew Christodoulou discusses the effects low temperatures can have on those working on construction sites.

2019: The year ahead

3 January 2019

With Brexit continuing to influence the agenda across the construction industry, what can we expect in 2019? Dave Howell reports on the forecasts and asks construction professionals.

Health and safety risk in social housing

18 December 2018

The Government’s Regulator of Social Housing has recently highlighted health and safety as a key strategic risk facing housing associations. Stephen Flounders investigates.

Practical jokes at work: the health and safety implications

17 December 2018

While practical jokes and pranks at work can be considered a natural way of letting off steam, some actions can pose a serious health and safety threat. Mike Sopp looks at recent and historical cases that show how “horseplay”, when it goes wrong, can have a serious impact on both individuals and the employer.

Construction 4.0 — going digital

11 December 2018

As the drive to reduce costs and improve efficiency across the construction sector intensifies, Dave Howell assess how far digitisation could usher in a new era for all work areas.