Feature Articles

Mental Health Toolkit

11 December 2018

Why manage mental health?

Construction 4.0 — going digital

11 December 2018

As the drive to reduce costs and improve efficiency across the construction sector intensifies, Dave Howell assess how far digitisation could usher in a new era for all work areas.

Health, safety, Brexit and beyond

28 November 2018

When the UK leaves the EU, the Government has stressed that it will maintain workers’ rights by ensuring that the extensive health and safety regulations built up over many years continue to provide an unchanged high level of workplace protection. Jon Herbert investigates.

Preparing for adverse weather conditions

26 November 2018

As the temperature drops, it is important to prepare for the worst. With the nights getting darker, the chill is setting in and beginning to bite, with prospects of frost, ice and snow. Nicola Mullineux, Group Manager at Croner, details how companies can prepare for these conditions in advance, to ensure minimal disruption to businesses during the winter.

Home is where the five-year strategy is

20 November 2018

Jon Herbert looks at how the Government is tackling the current housing crisis.

Contracting price and costs on a project

14 November 2018

What form of contract and terms best suits your project? Roland Finch advises on the options, factors and issues to be considered.

Keeping trucks and bikes apart

13 November 2018

Unfortunately, when cyclists and lorries come into close proximity on the road, the result is too often a serious or even fatal accident. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), there were 271 collisions between trucks and cyclists in 2016 resulting in 16 riders being killed and 56 seriously injured. Although only 1.5% of cyclist casualties occurred in collisions with lorries, RoSPA highlights, this resulted in 16% of cyclist deaths. The problem is especially acute in inner London where, over the past three years, trucks were involved in over 70% of cyclist fatalities, despite only making up 4% of road miles in the capital. Paul Clarke looks at the latest initiatives aimed at reducing this level of serious accidents and, specifically, at the organisations involved.

Budget benefits, disappointments and delays

8 November 2018

Jon Herbert considers the Autumn Budget for 2018 in terms of the construction sector.

Fire escape route signage

7 November 2018

UK fire safety legislation requires that, where necessary, emergency routes and exits must be indicated with signs where the use of signs will aid evacuation. Mike Sopp advises on their design, type and location.

Permits to work

31 October 2018

What makes an effective permit-to-work system? Grainne Kelly explains the key issues and uses case examples to show how some systems fail and the consequences of such failures.