Sending goods to the EU — problems and solutions

11 January 2021

A number of exporters to Europe have faced problems with sending their goods to the EU. Many lorries have been turned back at the border and over 150 have incurred fines in Kent for the failure to have complete paperwork. Here we identify the issues that are most frequently found and explain how to get it right first time.

Signed off sick with stress

11 January 2021

A consideration of employers’ duties, best practice and how to manage stress-related absences.

Homeworking — the latest

7 January 2021

Since the first lockdown back in March 2020, homeworking has become a very significant part of many organisation’s daily operation. Ben McCarthy, lead researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i, explores where we are with homeworking.

The January blues: an employers’ guide

4 January 2021

With the festive season a distant memory, employees now have to get through the infamous January blues. Recent reports have found that mental health illnesses cost the UK and Irish economy more than £41.8 billion (€49.7 billion) combined, each year.

Family leave in employment law

4 January 2021

Working parents have a number of rights while in employment and it is crucial that all employers are aware of them. Ben McCarthy, lead researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i, outlines this in more detail.

Key things to note this December

23 December 2020

This article forms part of this year’s Christmas series, being published on the site until the end of December.

End of the leave year — should employees carry over leave?

23 December 2020

Many companies may operate a January to December leave year and, with the end of 2020 in sight, time may be running out for employees to take their leave. Ben McCarthy, employment law writer at Croner-i, explores whether employers should permit their employees to carry leave over into the next leave year.

Employment law changes to look out for in 2021

17 December 2020

As we look forward to 2021, we must not lose sight of key employment law developments that are expected. Ben McCarthy, lead researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i, outlines the key developments to be aware of below.

Small business in 2021

16 December 2020

The trials of 2020, thanks to Covid-19, have changed the business landscape. What will 2021 look like for the small business community?