Skills for learning?

5 April 2016

How many Learning and Development (L&D) professionals think about, let alone do something about, the skills that their target audiences need to learn? Most of the time the focus is on the skills people need in order to do their jobs, but what if they struggle to learn in the first place? Here, Judith Christian-Carter takes a look at the skills needed for learning.

Whistleblowing — what is new

14 March 2016

In this article, Kathy Daniels — FCIPD, SFHEA, Employment Law Author and Lecturer, looks at recent case law on whistleblowing and changes that are to come to the reporting process.

Illegal downloading on work computers

2 March 2016

The beauty of online data is, of course, that we can access it from anywhere. We can log on to our social media accounts, our purchasing accounts and, indeed, anything else online from whatever computer or phone we have to hand. This makes life much easier in most respects, but it can also mean that the temptation to sneak a peek at Facebook or check our emails, for example, when we should be working is too great for some to resist. It can also, says Gudrun Limbrick, give rise to suspicions that our at-work online activity is not always as savoury as it should be.

Getting good value from exit interviews

29 February 2016

Employees under notice are, perhaps surprisingly, of huge value to you. They are a mine of truly useful information, so grab them while you can and start digging says Bob Patchett.

Europe: the final countdown

29 February 2016

Paul Clarke recounts the background to the forthcoming EU referendum, and contrasts the arguments in favour of remaining in and leaving the EU.

Zika virus — What employers need to know

29 February 2016

It is unlikely anyone has missed the headlines on the mosquito-borne Zika virus, particularly its possible link to babies born with microcephaly. With a growing number of cases of the virus in the Americas and the Caribbean, and instances now confirmed in Europe, Dr Lisa Bushby explores what employers can do to keep their employees safe at work.

Whose side is the HR department on?

23 February 2016

We encourage employees to go to human resources (HR) should they have any grievance or gripe about their colleagues or if they need any information about our contracts. Should they wish to make a formal complaint about the organisation and its treatment of them, they are encouraged to go to HR first. Even for a case of “whistle-blowing” about an organisation’s malpractice, it is to HR that employees are encouraged to go in the first instance. In this article, Gudrun Limbrick looks at issues of trust and confidence in the HR department.

Virtual meetings

22 February 2016

Preparation, conversation and innovation — Jude Tavanyar, small business consultant, says “Feel the fear, and run an online meeting anyway”?