End of Dispensations — Start of Tax Free Travel Expenses

16 May 2016

Many employers will have a dispensation notice, exempting certain benefits and expenses, for example, travel and subsistence costs, from income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and thereby removing the need to report these items of employer expenditure to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Paul Tew, small business consultant and freelance advisor explains that, from 6 April 2016, employers are able to pay specified expenses to their employees tax and NIC free, without the requirement to obtain a dispensation from HMRC.

The presenting issue

16 May 2016

Another in our occasional series of blogs from a very small businesswoman, Jude Tavanyar.

Mental health matters

13 May 2016

Mental health and wellbeing is a major issue for British businesses. Julie Prezat of System Concepts advises on how to support those with mental health conditions to stay in work.

Testing employees for drug use

9 May 2016

Reportedly, drug use is on the rise and this may be having an increasing impact on the workplace. The issue of drug use among employees raises an uncomfortable set of questions for employers including those around whether it is any of the employer’s business and, if so, what they can legitimately do about it, says Gudrun Limbrick. All too often, it would seem, employers are responding by burying their heads in the sand.

What people really want and do when learning

4 May 2016

Recent research has shown that nearly a third of people find learning content uninspiring. This is an astounding find and also a very worrying one. Just how much do learning and development (L&D) professionals know what people really want when it comes to their learning and, also, about how they actually go about learning what they need and want? The answer, it would appear, is not a lot. Judith Christian-Carter takes a look at what research tells us and discusses what L&D should do about this.

No more Mrs Nice Guy?

26 April 2016

It is International Women’s Week at the time of writing, and the recently-formed Women’s Equality Party in the UK is gathering support at an impressive pace. To those of us who actively seek to recognise and celebrate the astounding (and often unheralded) influence and accomplishments of women the world over, it may almost feel like spring is finally in the air. Judith Tavanyar, freelance writer and small business consultant says that despite the numerous events organised this week to highlight the extent to which women globally deserve significantly increased recognition and opportunities at all levels, it is fair to say that important questions remain.


20 April 2016

It seemed to be in the nineties that networking became an unstoppable force. With online technologies, it has gathered momentum over the last couple of decades and now feels like whole jobs, perhaps entire careers could be taken up entirely by networking with other people, says Gudrun Limbrick. Some network with others doing the same job as them in other organisations, others network with other organisations in the same locality, an enviable few manage to make their networking needs global with visits to localities and businesses overseas.

Transfer of undertaking

19 April 2016

In this article, Kathy Daniels — FCIPD, SFHEA, Employment Law Author and Lecturer, looks at recent case law on Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (TUPE) and the implications of the rulings.