Embracing disability in the workplace

8 July 2016

Over 6 million people (16%) of working age in the UK are disabled or have a health condition. Stephen Flounders of System Concepts explores how employers can benefit from their skills and experience by helping them get into and stay in work.

How to keep absenteeism low

7 July 2016

Absenteeism is here to stay, try as we may, but this is no reason to accept your current absence levels. You should not assume that there is nothing you can do, but nor should you take a knee-jerk reaction when your patience runs out. The whole issue requires careful management, which probably means spending a couple of hours discussing the problem with your management colleagues, says Bob Patchett.

To confer or not to confer?

6 July 2016

Indeed, that is the question. Even with the advances of technology, the conference season is still going strong all 12 months of the year. What is it about conferences that sees people spend time and money, plus travelling long distances for their regular fix? Here, Judith Christian-Carter considers why conferences are still so popular, together with how they need to change.

Introduction of National Living Wage

5 July 2016

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) first came into force on 1 April 1999. Since then the NMW has gradually risen, with the latest development being the introduction of a National Living Wage (NLW) rate. Paul Tew, Small Business Consultant and Freelance Advisor examines the implications of the new NLW for all employers.

Equal pay rises

30 June 2016

These days it can feel like pay rises are as rare as hens’ teeth in our companies. Austerity has brought with it pay freezes for the public sector — with a maximum pay rise of just 1% for this year. Many companies have followed suit, either out of necessity in this period of belt-tightening, or simply taking advantage of this time when our expectations about pay are generally low. But where we do have pay rises, is it fair to offer this to some employees and not all? Is fairness even a factor in the world of business? “Gudrun Limbrick poses the questions.”

Managing redundancies

27 June 2016

In this article, Kathy Daniels, Employment Law Author and Lecturer, looks at the process of managing redundancies in a legally compliant way.

Employment law update

21 June 2016

A number of government consultations and calls for evidence have been launched in recent weeks or will be launched shortly, which HR practitioners across a number of sectors should be aware of, explains Amy Cunningham of Cunningham Legal. Three of the most relevant are summarised below.

HR and the productivity challenge

20 June 2016

It will not have escaped your notice that improving productivity is one of the Government’s top priorities, says Dawn Nolan. As economists the world over crunch the latest data and debate the intricacies of the productivity challenge and so-called “puzzle”, we are left to ponder: why, when UK employment has increased, has workers’ output not improved at a similar rate? Despite trying to fathom out why productivity is so low, “there’s no single explanation or agreement on which explanations are more important than others”, confirms Mark Beatson, Chief Economist at the CIPD. In reality there is no simple solution, otherwise we would have solved it by now.