Too hot to handle?

16 June 2021

Gordon Tranter summarises what employers and employees should know about the potential hazards of working outdoors during hot weather and how to manage them.

Is there a legal indoor working temperature?

14 June 2021

Complaints about hot, stuffy offices are a common feature of UK summers. As the frequency of summer heatwaves increases, employers need to consider the effect of the heat on employees and take the steps necessary to protect their health and welfare. Gordon Tranter looks at the issues of a maximum office temperature, the risks of working in hot conditions indoors and the actions that should be taken to prevent heat stress.

Health, safety and wellbeing in a hybrid world

10 June 2021

Offices have started re-opening and over the summer many of us will return to buildings we might not have been in for well over a year. Lizzie Broadbent explores some of the health, safety, security and wellbeing implications and what leaders can do to make the return to the office a positive experience.

Homeworking: is the novelty wearing off?

9 June 2021

While many have decided that remote working is here to stay, many organisations are planning for a return to the workplace. Is the “home-sweet-office” the real future or is it back to commuting? Jon Herbert investigates.

A guide to the rules for imports and exports between Great Britain and the EU

9 June 2021

Many businesses are still confused over the rules for importing from the EU and exporting to the EU. The rules for exports and imports to and from the EU are the same as imports and exports to the rest of the world. This article gives a general outline and links to further advice. It does not detail the rules for movements to and from Northern Ireland — this will be dealt with in a subsequent article.

How to guide for managing gender reassignment 

7 June 2021

Gender reassignment is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. To avoid causing distress to, or potentially discriminating against, an individual it would be wise to be familiar with the key terms surrounding gender reassignment.

The right to disconnect from the workplace

4 June 2021

Dr Jonathan Lord and Dr Alex Fenton consider how work is creeping into workers’ lives outside of the workplace and affecting their mental health and wellbeing.