Managing conduct — remote and office working

28 July 2021

Researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i, Opeyemi Ogundeji, explores how employers can manage conduct both in the workplace and whilst staff are working from home.

Menopause: raising awareness in the workplace

21 July 2021

Treating women as equal to men does not mean treating the two sexes the same. Women are different biologically and this may need to be taken into account at work. Gordon Tranter investigates how the menopause can affect women’s health in the workplace and suggests how employers can provide support to enable women to continue to work comfortably and productively during this time.

Homeworking — the latest

21 July 2021

Since the first lockdown back in March 2020, homeworking has become a very significant part of many organisation’s daily operation. Claire Simms, Content Consultant at Croner-i, explores where we are with homeworking.

Managing sporting events at work

19 July 2021

The delayed 2020 Olympics will run from 23 July to 8 August 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. This feature covers issues which employers may see arise from such sporting events.

Market research techniques for businesses considering exporting

15 July 2021

In the digital age, there is an unimaginable amount of information available to us at our fingertips. For businesses keen to get into exporting we explain in this article that the important thing is to know what matters to your business and to use it to make a difference.

Covid-19 and overseas working

15 July 2021

The threat of the virus and the uncertainty around travel restrictions pose a significant challenge for organisations whose employees normally travel overseas for work. Mike Sopp advises on how to manage the risks for necessary travel.