Probation periods

30 April 2021

Hannah Williamson, Advice Manager at Croner discusses probation periods, how they work, and some of the common pitfalls employers fall into.

Hosting the perfect online event

22 April 2021

Online events have been common for decades. Here we consider if the pandemic has permanently changed the events space and if we are now in an era where hybrid events will become the norm.

Bank holidays — are they a legal requirement?

21 April 2021

Should employers give staff days off on bank holidays? Do employers have to pay staff extra if they want to work? And should Christian workers or staff with kids be prioritised when approving annual leave for public holidays with religious festivals? See our article below for some facts you need to know about bank holidays.

Coronavirus vaccine and your employees — HR considerations

15 April 2021

A vaccine to prevent serious health effects from coronavirus has been developed and made available to the public. In this article, Nicola Mullineux, Group Content Manager at Croner-i explores the top questions employers may have surrounding the vaccine, such as requiring employees to be vaccinated and more.

How to support employees suffering from domestic abuse

14 April 2021

Domestic abuse or violence includes, but is not limited to, controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour. This how to guide considers how employers can support employees suffering from domestic abuse and violence.

Covid Secure: working safely in offices and contact centres

9 April 2021

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, the Government is regularly updating its advice to ensure that employers, workers and the self-employed work safely during the pandemic. Vicky Powell looks at the key points for working safely in offices, contact centres and similar working spaces.