Flexible working: Government consultation launched

29 September 2021

The Government has recently launched a consultation into the suitability of the current flexible working legislation, and proposals to change it. Here, Stacie Cheadle, HR Content Consultant at Croner-i, explores the proposals.

Removal of Covid-secure measures

27 September 2021

Now that the Government has scrapped most Covid-19 restrictions in England, can we revert the workplace to how it used to be?

Towards net zero

22 September 2021

Many businesses and organisations have announced their intention to become carbon net zero. This is possible for larger companies, but what about the small business community?

Trading with Northern Ireland

21 September 2021

When the UK left the European Union, special arrangements were put in place for trading with Northern Ireland. Here we examine the current operation of the protocol.

Adapting to the climate crisis — is your business prepared?

17 September 2021

In this article, John Barwise explains what measures businesses can adopt to reduce the worst impacts of climate change, while adaptation specialist Professor John Dora explains the international standard ISO 14090 — the benchmark for business resilience in the long term — which provides a structured approach to adaptation.

International direct selling

16 September 2021

For many years, most exporters have relied on local representation to generate business in other countries. Exporters have typically found it invaluable to have a way of achieving a physical presence in each target market, such as a distributor, a commercial agent, a sales representative or franchisee. This is still the way that most exporters work, but in this feature we look at how the growth of e-commerce is making other methods more feasible and Covid-19 may have hastened a process of change.

How to manage migraines at work

10 September 2021

Laura King evaluates whether migraines can be classed as a disability and assesses workplace adaptions that can be implemented to help migraine sufferers.

Suicide Prevention Day 2021

9 September 2021

Falling every year on 10 September, the day promotes open, honest and genuine conversations about suicide. This year the theme is “Creating hope through action”.