A good or bad Brexit deal?

20 January 2021

With a Brexit agreement done at the eleventh hour, is the deal the UK has struck a basis for a new trade and prosperity era or a red tape nightmare? Dave Howell reports.

How to furlough employees from November 2020 onwards

20 January 2021

In March 2020, the Government announced its plans for financial assistance to help employers retain employees for an extended period of time through the Job Retention Scheme (furlough). This guide explores what employers need to know for furloughing employees from November 2020 onwards.

Guidance on managing coronavirus issues at work

20 January 2021

The risks from Covid-19 are still very much present in the workplace and it is important to remember that employers have a duty of care towards their employees to protect the health and safety of their workforce. This information is being continually checked and updated.

The Brexit deal — a guide for business

18 January 2021

A deal has been done, so that there can be trade with no tariffs or quotas. In this article John Davison advises business owners how to adapt to the new rules.

Coronavirus vaccine: HR considerations

18 January 2021

The roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines is creating its own challenges. Opeyemi Ogundeji, researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i, explores this in more detail.

World Religion Day — religious discrimination

15 January 2021

In celebration of World Religion Day on the 17 January 2021, Opeyemi Ogundeji, researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i explores issues such as religious discrimination and unconscious bias that could occur in the workplace and how to prevent them.

Using the furlough scheme in 2021

13 January 2021

With new lockdowns in place across the UK, Ben McCarthy, lead researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i, explores the key things to bear in mind for those seeking to make use of the scheme going forward.

Signed off sick with stress

11 January 2021

A consideration of employers’ duties, best practice and how to manage stress-related absences.