REACH if there is “no deal”

23 September 2019

However politicians play their cards in the weeks ahead, preparations are being made across UK industry and the supporting regulatory sector for the possibility of an abrupt “hard” Brexit departure from the EU. This includes REACH, writes Jon Herbert.

Latest tools from ECHA on poison centres

15 August 2019

In this feature article, Caroline Raine discusses some of the recent developments surrounding the requirements to notify mixtures to poison centres. Caroline looks at some of the recent tools, the possible deadline extension and Member State implementation.

Conflict management in the laboratory

11 July 2019

In this article, Dr Lisa Bushby looks at what the laboratory manager can do to avoid and manage instances of conflict, and promote positive working.

Safe Use of Mixture Information

11 July 2019

In this special report, Christine Lepisto of Chemical Safety Consulting, Germany, explains the background to, and the development of, Safe Use of Mixtures Information (SUMIs) documents. She also discusses how they differ from workplace safety information cards, the time frames and the next steps.

Overview of GHS implementation in Asia

11 July 2019

In this special report Christine Lepisto of Chemical Safety Consulting, Germany, reviews the key issues for those Asia-Pacific countries that have adopted the GHS or are in the process of doing so.

Circular economy and the chemical industry

11 July 2019

The principle of a circular economy has environmental NGOs lining up to offer recommendations to policy makers to help businesses become more resource efficient over time while at the same time being sensitive to the fact that products containing hazardous substances require particular attention before being recycled or re-used. Dr Lisa Bushby discusses.