Being a family-friendly employer

27 May 2020

Working parents are afforded certain rights under employment law and employers need to ensure they are aware of them. Not only can failure in this area result in costly discrimination claims, it can also mean the difference between a low or a high retention rate. Ben McCarthy, employment law writer at Croner-i, outlines points that employers can consider when aiming to be family-friendly employers.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) — what are the current health concerns for the UK?

26 May 2020

Within a few months the global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has spread to almost every country in the world. In the UK at its peak, the number of patients in intensive care was estimated to be doubling every 3-4 days. Now numbers of new cases are beginning to decline in most affected countries. Deborah Bellamy reviews current the information available about the virus and what the public health concerns are for the UK.

Managing stress during the pandemic

25 May 2020

Amid all the uncertainties and disruption caused by COVID-19, an awareness of how your team is coping is all-important. Laura King looks at what managers can do to reduce stress for themselves and employees.

How much does an EAP cost?

24 April 2020

An EAP — an employee assistance programme — is one of the benefits that can be offered to employees to support them in challenging times. But how much do employee assistance programmes cost, and are they worth it?

Emergency volunteer leave

22 April 2020

On 26 March 2020, as part of emergency coronavirus legislation, the Government outlined future plans to introduce more volunteering that can assist the health and social care sector during the outbreak.

Health, safety and goodwill during Ramadan

18 April 2020

At Ramadan, participating employees often have to manage extra physical and mental stresses, fatigue and dehydration. Jon Herbert describes how flexibility, discussion and forward planning from employers can help everyone involved.

Employee mental health and the coronavirus

17 April 2020

As the pandemic continues, employees may be struggling with their mental health, especially if they are working from home for the first time. Ben McCarthy, lead researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i, outlines ways of tackling this issue.

An initial look at furlough and the Job Retention Scheme

16 April 2020

This article was written on 23 March and is based on guidance that was in place on that date. The Government has subsequently amended and clarified its guidance meaning that some features of this article may not be up to date. See our article Furlough and the Job Retention Scheme Q&As for up to date information on the Job Retention Scheme.

Government COVID-19 action plan for adult social care

16 April 2020

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) published its Coronavirus COVID-19: Adult Social Care Action Plan on 15 April, outlining how the Government will provide more support to the adult social care sector in England throughout the Coronavirus outbreak.

Five ways to support your employees during Ramadan

15 April 2020

Ramadan is the holy month of the Islamic Calendar during which Muslims partake in religious observance, including ritual fasting from sunrise to sunset. This year, Ramadan is expected to run from 23 April to 23 May 2020 and we have outlined some key ways to support staff during this period.