Can anyone guarantee a home for life?

18 January 2012

A term recently adopted by the care home industry is “a home for life”, an expression that encapsulates with directness, style and economy exactly what the best care regimes aspire to for their customers. Whether a residential home, a nursing home, a sheltered or very sheltered housing unit, or a domiciliary care agency supporting people in their own residences, everyone seems eager to offer their customers a settled location on that they can depend “for life”. But, wonders Jef Smith, how true can these claims be?

Residential and domiciliary care: competitors or collaborators?

15 February 2010

Early in 2008, 11 associations of companies providing care came together to form the Care Providers Alliance (CPA). Since then not much has been heard of the Alliance, its individual members preferring on most issues to go their own ways and to issue their own statements — even on matters on which they substantially agree. Jef Smith asks: could such a notoriously disunited community ever effectively speak with one voice?