Using exit interviews to improve your retention rates

28 August 2019

There may be times when companies see talented employees resign and wonder if they could have done more to prevent their decision. It may be too late to save that particular individual, but a well thought-out exit interview process can help employers work to prevent similar departures.

Are employees entitled to unpaid leave?

14 August 2019

Employees may request unpaid leave for time off work. Amanda Beattie from Croner Consulting explains what unpaid leave entitlement is, why employees may choose to take it and the rules and regulations surrounding it.

The advantages and disadvantages of voluntary redundancies

7 August 2019

Redundancies have been big news recently, with many large organisations choosing to lower staff numbers to reduce their costs in harsh economic times. With voluntary redundancies continuing to be a method to avoid compulsory cuts, we take a look at how these decisions may benefit or disadvantage businesses.

Drug testing in the workplace

29 July 2019

Amanda Beattie from Croner Consulting explains the legislation surrounding drug testing at work and advises on best practice.

7 ways to beat the heat

23 July 2019

Extremely hot weather can be uncomfortable for everyone, even for those who usually like the sun. However, for vulnerable people, such as older people or those with chronic or severe illnesses, very high temperatures can be dangerous.

Personal view and the workplace — when the two collide

10 July 2019

It appears that not a day goes past without another high-profile story of someone losing their job because they’ve posted a personal view on social media which is offensive, inappropriate or against company policy. Whether it’s an Australian rugby player or an over-excited football fan being caught on camera, what action can employers take when personal views are causing a negative impact on your workplace environment?

Three things to know about the new holiday pay ruling

26 June 2019

On 10 June 2019, the Court of Appeal made a ground-breaking ruling on workers’ holiday pay. Simply put, it means employers may have to start paying their staff a lot more. Nicola Mullineux, Content Manager at Croner-i details what the new ruling means for employers.