7 ways to beat the heat

10 August 2020

Extremely hot weather can be uncomfortable for everyone, even for those who usually like the sun. However, for vulnerable people, such as older people or those with chronic or severe illnesses, very high temperatures can be dangerous.

Coronavirus in care settings

4 August 2020

What is coronavirus and what can care providers do to keep their service users and staff safe? This article provides a round-up of essential information for care settings, including PPE, testing, high-risk individuals, visiting and social distancing.

Eight essential coronavirus Q&As

30 July 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak is a continously fast-moving subject. Please refer to the GOV.UK’s website for the latest updates.

Face coverings for employees on public transport

24 July 2020

Mike Sopp considers the issue of whether employers should be providing face masks or coverings for those employees who have to use public transport to get to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Risk assessment in adult social care

17 July 2020

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) stress the need for risk assessments to be “proportionate” and “balanced” and to reflect a common-sense approach where health and safety are an integral part of running an organisation.