Feature Articles

10 top tips on medication administration for care providers

4 February 2019

The safe administration of medication is a vitally important area for providers of adult social care services, both in care homes and in domiciliary care settings.

Cancer: the facts

1 February 2019

The workplace can be a key battleground in the fight against cancer, particularly if there are potential risks from ionising radiation and carcinogenic substances. Jon Herbert reports on the key facts.

Responding to highly inappropriate language in the workplace

23 January 2019

The founder of Papa John’s resigned because of a single use of the n-word. Gudrun Limbrick considers whether resignation or dismissal is the right response to using a single word which, in some arenas, is in common use.

Cold weather planning in adult social care

21 January 2019

Every year health and adult social care service providers have to cope with the effects of cold weather. What are the risks of winter weather and what do adult social care providers have to do to ensure the safety of their staff and service users? Martin Hodgson investigates.

How to beat the January blues

3 January 2019

The early days of winter embrace Christmas and New Year, when people are generally happy and looking forward to celebrations. But in January on return to work, the mood changes. Life seems flat and the holidays months away. Harsh weather makes journeys to work unpleasant — and not surprisingly it is a time when illness peaks. Bob Patchett looks at how to manage winter problems in the workplace and beat the January blues.

Social care and Brexit

11 December 2018

Now that the date for departure from the EU is only a few months away, the precise outcome is still uncertain. Jef Smith discusses the possible implications for the care sector.

The care homes market

30 October 2018

The future of the care homes market is an extremely important matter. Most managers of homes are both eager to master the issues and up for the challenge of exploring possible solutions, Jef Smith reports.

Five steps to good recruitment in care services

16 October 2018

A recent report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found that the recruitment and retention of good quality staff is vital to improving ratings. How can you ensure you recruit the best staff for your care service?

11 top tips to improve infection control in your care home

9 October 2018

Check that you and your staff are doing what you need with the Audit: Premises — Infection Control in Care Homes Checklist and follow our 11 top tips with handy documents for you to use.

Intergenerational care

2 October 2018

Intergenerationalism isn’t new, but over the last few years it has been enjoying something of a renaissance, with claims that everyone benefits from making relationships with those far away from them in age, Jef Smith explores some examples.