Using settlement agreements for workplace injury claims

24 November 2021

Most civil claims for compensation for personal injury, and many employment tribunal claims, are settled by compromise agreements (or settlement agreements) before they come to court. Robert Spicer looks at the importance of the wording of these agreements in the context of health and safety.

Ventilation in the workplace during winter

19 November 2021

One of the major tools you can use to combat Covid transmission is ventilation in the workplace. Unfortunately, during the winter months, opening windows and doors can have a detrimental effect on working conditions. Working in a cold environment can feel unpleasant and distracting. If your workplace is too cold, it can also pose health risks.

Mandatory vaccination confirmed for the NHS and wider social care workers

18 November 2021

The Government has announced its plans to introduce new legislation requiring those deployed in frontline roles in the health and wider social care sector in England to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. This follows the same requirement already in place for care home workers in England and the responses of a public consultation into the matter. Despite the majority of respondents being opposed to such mandates, the Government decided that vaccination is the best way to protect vulnerable people receiving care in the sector and those providing it.

Mandatory Covid vaccine in health and wider social care settings Q&As

15 November 2021

Since the announcement that the Government was to make Covid vaccination a legal requirement for workers in health and wider social care settings, employers are concerned about how it affects them and their staff. Laura Davie, Content Consultant at Croner-i, explores the typical Q&As regarding mandatory Covid vaccines in health and wider social care settings.

Managing work-related road safety

12 November 2021

Every day of the year, more than 100 vehicles driven on company business are involved in accidents. Andrew Christodoulou discusses what you can do to lessen the risks to your employees and business.

Road accidents involving dangerous goods

12 November 2021

In this feature, Caroline Raine discusses some recent road accidents involving dangerous goods and gives tips to prevent them from happening.

Can staff refuse testing and vaccines?

12 November 2021

Researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i, Opeyemi Ogundeji, details how employers can deal with a situation where staff refuse to take the Covid-19 vaccine and/or partake in in-house testing.

Diverging from the EU on chemicals regulations

11 November 2021

Great Britain’s transition period with the European Union ended on 31 December 2020. Nearly a year on, Caroline Raine looks at some of the divergence from the EU with regards to chemicals regulations and discusses potential future divergence.