Guest editorial: Who checks the checkers? A prosecutor’s view

22 January 2014

Gaon Hart, former Senior Crown Advocate of the Crown Prosecution Service, examines the lessons to be learned from the recent judgment against Esso Petroleum Company Limited and its contractor, Austin & McLean Ltd. Mr Hart acted as prosecutor in the case.

The duty holder — are you responsible?

22 January 2014

Much health and safety legislation and practice focuses on the statutory duty holder being responsible for things either being done right or being put right. John Kersey discusses how to identify duty holders and what their role involves.

“Hidden Killer” campaign to be resurrected

8 January 2014

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) successful “Asbestos: Hidden Killer” campaign ran from 2008 till 2010. In this article, Nigel Bryson looks at the 2013–14 phase of the campaign and examines recent research that was used to inform that phase.

Secure in a crowd?

10 December 2013

As recent tragic events in Nairobi have shown, it is not just fire that creates the need for rapid evacuation from shopping centres or other buildings with large numbers of people. Alan Field explains the types of issues that need to be considered when reviewing risk assessments and resilience measures.

The safety journey: from grudging compliance to best practice culture

26 November 2013

The development of a company safety culture is often a journey that starts with trying to meet legal requirements and ends with a total transformation of company culture. Paul Smith reflects on that journey within the UK electrical power industry and finds that it mirrors a personal journey of his own.

No escape for asbestos fibres

19 November 2013

Nigel Bryson looks at the conclusions from a recent research report on air movement inside asbestos enclosures.