When in Rome: local health and safety when operating overseas

4 June 2014

When doing business abroad, there is always a risk that health and safety decisions may be based on assumptions about risk and cultural attitudes arising from Head Office perceptions. Alan Field explains some of the pitfalls to avoid.

Compensating for mesothelioma

3 June 2014

On 6 March 2014, the Government announced that a new compensation scheme had been agreed for mesothelioma victims who had previously not been able to trace their employer’s insurer. Nigel Bryson reports.

Access all areas

28 May 2014

Organisations and facilities managers (FMs) now play a critical role in ensuring members of staff with disabilities have full access across their premises, says Dave Howell.

Engaging the C-Suite

14 May 2014

How do you get a senior management board to take your health and safety concerns seriously? Mike Sopp discusses some tactics to help you succeed.

The role of sampling in measuring performance

5 May 2014

Sampling can be an invaluable aid to auditing everything from employee opinions and compliance through to measuring performance. John Kersey discusses the different sampling techniques and considerations involved in collecting evidence.