Energy management and carbon reduction

19 August 2014

Latest research indicates that, in the UK, buildings are responsible for almost 50% of energy consumption, with over one-third of this use being in the commercial and public sector. Nationally and globally, this is having significant impacts, most notably in terms of carbon emissions and climate change, but also in terms of the cost of sourcing dwindling fossil fuels. Mike Sopp investigates further.

Climate ready?

21 July 2014

The climate continues to change rapidly. If businesses are to survive in the long term, they need to not only understand how a changing climate affects their enterprises, but also how they can adapt to the new environment. Dave Howell reports.

Construction and demolition waste: duty of care

17 July 2014

Construction and demolition sites that generate waste are under a legal “duty of care” for its management, from the moment waste is produced, to the moment it is transferred to a licensed business to deal with. Lisa Bushby sets out the steps required to comply with this duty.

Calculating the costs of poor health and safety management

2 July 2014

Jo Kitney, Director of Kitney Occupational Health and Safety, highlights the costs of work-related injuries and illness, and explains how the cost to business of poor health and safety management can be calculated and how organisations can make use of this important data.