Using the power of AI to transform health and safety

29 November 2023

The recent artificial intelligence summit called by Prime Minster Rishi Sunak set out to identify the known and unknown potential benefits and risks of AI. Like many disruptive technologies, success for workplace health and safety lies in effective practical applications. Jon Herbert reports.

Purchasers advised to “step up” when buying ladders

22 November 2023

With falls from height (including from ladders) one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities and major injuries, the use of ladders must obviously be carefully managed. In this article Mike Sopp points out that despite much guidance being available on the safe use of ladders, having safe working practices could be pointless if the ladder being used is fundamentally unsafe and failing to meet the required safety standards.

Biodiversity net gain: are you ready for the deadline?

2 November 2023

From January 2024, there is a new statutory duty for biodiversity net gain (BNG) to be a condition of planning permission. Developers and local authorities share the responsibility for this, and landowners such as farmers also have a role to play. The duty is set out in s.98 and Schedule 14 of the Environment Act 2021, which amends the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. For a general overview of the regime, see Biodiversity net gain: an introduction. This article looks at some specific details that have been announced in recent government guidance.

Biodiversity net gain: an introduction

2 November 2023

From January 2024, biodiversity net gain will be mandatory for most new developments in England. Caroline Hand explains how the system will work.

Slip-proofing your premises in winter

31 October 2023

Employers should ensure proper procedures and safeguards are in place to protect employees and others using their premises from the risks associated with the particular risks of slips, trips and falls caused by snow and ice, reports Gordon Tranter.

Inspections in Construction

24 October 2023

Inspections underpin safety, quality and compliance in the construction industry. Roland Finch highlights the crucial role inspections play in this feature article.

Fall prevention: Keeping on your toes?

17 October 2023

What are effective strategies you can apply to prevent falls in the construction industry? This article includes practical tips to ensure worker safety and reduce accidents on site.

Don’t let the dust settle

17 October 2023

We ask why dust is still a problem in the construction industry and what needs to be done to prevent it.