Turn it down: the impact of a noisy office

20 January 2020

Is noise causing problems in the workspace you manage? Laura King looks at how unwanted noise might be affecting worker wellbeing and offers some low-cost solutions.

Managing legionella risks

15 January 2020

Mike Sopp reminds duty holders of the importance of reviewing their current legionella management arrangements so as to ensure they are complying with their legal duties, in the light of revised guidance.

The January blues: an employers’ guide

13 January 2020

With the festive season a distant memory, employees now have to get through the infamous January blues. Recent reports have found that mental health illnesses cost the UK and Irish economy more than £41.8 billion (€49.7 billion) combined, each year.

Modern methods of construction: how does it all fit together?

6 January 2020

“Modern methods of construction” is the latest in a series of initiatives to resolve some deep-seated problems within the industry and involves a number of proposals for improved ways of building. Roland Finch investigates.

Is it really gone? Data sanitisation for small businesses

3 January 2020

When computers and other devices are replaced, the data they contain must be erased. However, often sensitive information can remain. How should all small business owners manage data destruction? Dave Howell reports

It might be time to try Dry January

24 December 2019

One of the most popular health campaigns that arrives in the New Year is Dry January — the event that encourages us to commit to an alcohol-free month.

What will work be like in 2030?

23 December 2019

The 2020s are upon us, marking the end of an era of intense political, economic and social change in the UK, as well as a time of major shifts in the most significant issues affecting the workplace. Vicky Powell considers what safe and healthy working will look like in 2030, based on the key predicted drivers of transformation over the next 10 years.

Dealing with data: requirements under GDPR

18 December 2019

Over one year from the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Laura King looks at levels of compliance and some areas that managers need to consider.