E-learning: does anyone actually learn anything?

10 October 2019

Online learning is cost-effective, flexible and a crucial part of the arsenal for training staff. But does anyone actually learn anything? Laura King looks at what is needed to get the best out of e-learning options.

Help workers kick the smoking habit

8 October 2019

Stoptober, the Government’s 28-day national stop smoking challenge, officially kicked off on 1 October 2019. Vicky Powell looks at all the good reasons why employers should help workers kick the smoking habit and the best strategies to achieve this.

How to tackle workaholism

7 October 2019

David Price, wellbeing expert and CEO of Health Assured, gives some advice on managing workaholics in your team.

Back pain and the workplace — a new approach

7 October 2019

Back Care Awareness Week takes place from 7 to 11 October 2019, offering an opportunity to raise awareness about the prevention of back pain in the workplace at a time when the recommended approach to occupational musculoskeletal disorders is shifting significantly. Vicky Powell looks at some of the main drivers for change in this important area of work-related health.

Burnout — what is it and how should employers manage it?

2 October 2019

With the World Health Organisation officially recognising burnout as an “occupational phenomenon”, the focus on the workplace risk of burnout is higher than ever — leading to employers considering how to manage this problem.

Handling flexible working requests

25 September 2019

With the Government recently announcing its plan to support a better work-life balance, including increased flexi-time or remote working (Government offers helping hand to balance work and life), permitting employees to change their hours is becoming increasingly popular with modern day employers. Although employers do not have to allow flexible working, they must be aware of the legal obligations upon them when processing these requests.

What’s behind successful business innovation?

24 September 2019

Innovation may once have been the product of good luck plus “one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. Now it is a strategic element of economic successes that must deliver continuously. Which means that innovation itself is undergoing a make-over, reports Jon Herbert.