Wishing you a responsibly merry holiday season

10 December 2019

’Tis the season of good cheer ending in the start of a new year, which some of us look forward to and others dread. Either way, it is worth reviewing your organisation’s procedures for dealing with alcohol misuse, writes Jon Herbert.

Occupational exposure limits

9 December 2019

Caroline Raine looks at occupational exposure limits (OELs), how they are implemented in the UK and what future legal requirements are likely to involve.

Christmas parties: 10 top tips for employers

4 December 2019

The office Christmas party is the highlight of the year for many employees but often a headache for employers, and not because of the hangover. Croner Consulting offers 10 tips to keep your party stress — and incident — free.

Bribery and corporate hospitality

28 November 2019

What is and what is not allowed in corporate gifts and hospitality? What is the difference between an innocent gift and a potential bribe? Stuart Chamberlain, Croner-i author and senior employment law consultant, explains.

Exposure to diesel engine exhaust emissions at work

27 November 2019

Exposure to diesel engine exhaust emissions (DEEEs) is an increasing workplace health and safety issue. Gordon Tranter describes the health effects of exposure to DEEEs and the steps that should be taken to reduce the risks from exposure.

Can Black Friday ever be sustainable?

26 November 2019

Black Friday’s hyper consumerism is often seen as the antithesis to sustainable consumption. Although many companies take part, there are also a handful of retailers using the day to promote social responsibility. Laura King explores some of the strategies that organisations are using to buck the Black Friday trend.

Mental health at work and suicide prevention

26 November 2019

By destigmatising the harsh realities of mental stress, October’s World Mental Health Day broke taboos around discussing why many people take their own lives. It is part of a wider drive to reassure those under duress, firstly, that they are not alone and, secondly, that help is not far away, writes Jon Herbert.