Top health and safety queries in May 2019

24 June 2019

The number of health and safety queries to our helpline rose this month, with new topics such as policies, fire, and first aid emerging (or, rather, re-emerging). For advice on these or any other health and safety issue, speak with a qualified consultant on 0844 561 8149.

How to prevent and contain listeria outbreaks

19 June 2019

An investigation is currently under way into a serious outbreak of listeria infections in England, which has been traced back to pre-packed chicken sandwiches in hospitals. Vicky Powell looks at the ways in which food businesses can prevent and contain outbreaks of this deadly disease, warning that management failures can be fatal, and have historically resulted in hundreds of deaths and infections around the world.

Fire safety and outsourced facilities management

17 June 2019

Fire safety legislation places duties on those in control of the premises — but when you outsource your facilities management, do you outsource this responsibility? Mike Sopp explains.

Legal registers explained

17 June 2019

Companies are not required to have a legal register. However, if they are operating in areas in which compliance with a wide range of rules and regulations is necessary, it is difficult to see how they could meet their obligations without a proper system in place. Paul Clarke explains what a legal register is and how it can be a practical tool that improves efficiency and helps to reduce costly mistakes.

Mental health in the workplace — time to change?

13 June 2019

Mental health in the workplace as an issue has reached unprecedented levels in terms of discussion, but are we really taking it seriously enough? In this article, Tricia Palmer, HR consultant, considers the importance of good mental health, and the possible impacts of not giving it enough of the right attention.

Health, safety and cyber threats

12 June 2019

What is cyberspace and how important it is? Mike Sopp summarises how new threats can affect health and safety professionals, and advises on preventive action.

Modern Slavery Act — improving transparency in supply chains?

11 June 2019

The UK’s Modern Slavery Act (MSA) came into force in October 2015. Ground-breaking in its scope, it shone a spotlight on the issues of modern slavery in supply chains. Laura King looks at what impact it has had on improving transparency.

Diabetes in the workplace

11 June 2019

10 June 2019 marks the start of Diabetes Week in the UK. This article looks at the condition and how it may affect health and safety in the workplace.

Sick notes — a guide for employers

5 June 2019

Staff members with certain ailments need time off work for treatment and recovery. How does the process work? Health Assured, the wellbeing services provider, describes the current system of sick notes (or statements of fitness for work) and how employers can obtain them, and outlines what details a sick note should cover.