Learning in the flow of work

17 July 2019

Workflow learning, or to put it more simply, making learning a part of everyday work, has become a popular L&D topic of late. With time being a precious commodity for most organisations, it is vital that L&D professionals explore other ways in which employees can learn, instead of relying mainly on providing formal learning opportunities, such as courses. Here Judith Christian-Carter takes a look at how learning can and should form part of the flow of work.

The gender equality roadmap: what action is the Government taking?

17 July 2019

Announced by the Women and Equalities Minister, the roadmap intends to address gender inequality at every stage of the journey into, and during, employment. With steps being taken by the Government to implement the roadmap, what changes could be in store for employers?

Is there a legal indoor working temperature?

15 July 2019

Complaints about hot, stuffy offices are a common feature of UK summers. As the frequency of summer heatwaves in the UK seems to be on the rise, employers need to consider the effect of the heat on employees and take the steps necessary to protect their health and welfare. Gordon Tranter considers the issue of a maximum office temperature, the risks of working in hot conditions indoors and the actions that should be taken.

Personal view and the workplace — when the two collide

10 July 2019

It appears that not a day goes past without another high-profile story of someone losing their job because they’ve posted a personal view on social media which is offensive, inappropriate or against company policy. Whether it’s an Australian rugby player or an over-excited football fan being caught on camera, what action can employers take when personal views are causing a negative impact on your workplace environment?

Limitation on unlawful deductions of holiday pay challenged

3 July 2019

There has been a host of case law on the calculation of holiday pay in recent years, which has meant that payments for overtime and commission are now to be included in calculations. Stuart Chamberlain, Croner-i author and senior employment consultant examines the recent NICA judgment in Chief Constable of Northern Ireland Police v Agnew and assesses its impact on employers, not only in the Northern Ireland but also the remainder of the UK.

Preparing for the summer — keeping the workplace in top shape

26 June 2019

As the summer months creep up on us, and people start looking to the skies for some summer sunshine, employers may begin worrying about how to keep their workforce operating efficiently during this time. Below, we take a look at some of the key summer issues for employers and how to manage these effectively.