Feature Articles

Top HR queries received in November

17 December 2018

In November the most notable change in trend of call topics can be seen in the steep increase of redundancy queries.

Stress-related illness — the employer’s responsibilities

12 December 2018

In this article, Kathy Daniels, employment law author and associate professor, gives a summary of your responsibilities in ensuring that employees are not subject to excessive stress in the workplace.

Effective staff consultation

12 December 2018

Gudrun Limbrick considers whether it is possible to carry out genuine staff consultation and involvement in company decisions without laying yourself open to a tidal wave of complaints and criticism.

Mental Health Toolkit

11 December 2018

Why manage mental health?

Hot topic 10: AI revisited

5 December 2018

Is artificial intelligence (AI) really the tool to help people make sense of data, to bring insights, ideas, better decisions and happier outcomes? Is it something that will mainstream in 2020 or yet another over-hyped concept in learning and development (L&D)? Here, Judith Christian-Carter takes a look at what the word on the L&D street is saying about AI, and its uses and potential.

A “no-deal” Brexit: implications for employment law

3 December 2018

Stuart Chamberlain, author and senior employment consultant at Croner-i, considers the implications for employment law if the Government is unable to obtain Parliament’s approval for withdrawal from the EU and there is “no deal”. He distinguishes between the short-term and long-term effects and implications and offers some advice to employers.

Dealing with the difficult employee

28 November 2018

Difficult people are everywhere, says Bob Patchett, and any sizeable workforce probably includes a few near-saints, a larger group of people who can be difficult occasionally, and a few who thrive on being difficult.

Preparing for adverse weather conditions

26 November 2018

As the temperature drops, it is important to prepare for the worst. With the nights getting darker, the chill is setting in and beginning to bite, with prospects of frost, ice and snow. Nicola Mullineux, Group Manager at Croner, details how companies can prepare for these conditions in advance, to ensure minimal disruption to businesses during the winter.

Managing health and safety for employees working from home

21 November 2018

Out of sight should not mean out of mind, points out Carol Smith. With more people now working from home, organisations must ensure they have considered any risks and put policies in place to protect their employees.

Government action on gender and ethnicity pay gaps

21 November 2018

The phenomenon of Brexit paralysis, whereby any new Government initiatives are suspended or delayed while the details of the UK’s departure from the EU are endlessly debated, has been much commented upon. Even at relatively minor levels of detail, those in local government who have been waiting for the exit payments capping and recovery regulations to be approved by Parliament have seen evidence of the delays. However, one area which does not seem to have been blighted is activity to tackle pay gaps. Reporting requirements on the gender gap were imposed on larger employers earlier this year, and the Government has now proposed extending reporting requirements to cover the ethnicity pay gap. Steve Vale, HR consultant, reviews actions to date around the gender gap, and looks at the proposals on the ethnicity gap.