Work-related burnout: would you spot the signs?

19 August 2019

In May 2019, the World Health Organization officially recognised work-related burnout as an “occupational phenomenon”. In fact, levels of burnout among British workers have quietly but steadily reached epidemic levels. How many managers, asks Vicky Powell, would be able to spot the signs of burnout, and what can we all do to avoid and mitigate this modern corporate malaise?

Are employees entitled to unpaid leave?

14 August 2019

Employees may request unpaid leave for time off work. Amanda Beattie from Croner Consulting explains what unpaid leave entitlement is, why employees may choose to take it and the rules and regulations surrounding it.

The advantages and disadvantages of voluntary redundancies

7 August 2019

Redundancies have been big news recently, with many large organisations choosing to lower staff numbers to reduce their costs in harsh economic times. With voluntary redundancies continuing to be a method to avoid compulsory cuts, we take a look at how these decisions may benefit or disadvantage businesses.

Drug testing in the workplace

29 July 2019

Amanda Beattie from Croner Consulting explains the legislation surrounding drug testing at work and advises on best practice.

Should workplaces still ban visible tattoos?

24 July 2019

With news that Air New Zealand has watered down its ban on visible tattoos following controversy surrounding unsuccessful applications from candidates with Maori tattoos, many may now be questioning whether organisations should still have a complete prohibition in this area.

Learning in the flow of work

17 July 2019

Workflow learning, or to put it more simply, making learning a part of everyday work, has become a popular L&D topic of late. With time being a precious commodity for most organisations, it is vital that L&D professionals explore other ways in which employees can learn, instead of relying mainly on providing formal learning opportunities, such as courses. Here Judith Christian-Carter takes a look at how learning can and should form part of the flow of work.

The gender equality roadmap: what action is the Government taking?

17 July 2019

Announced by the Women and Equalities Minister, the roadmap intends to address gender inequality at every stage of the journey into, and during, employment. With steps being taken by the Government to implement the roadmap, what changes could be in store for employers?

Is there a legal indoor working temperature?

15 July 2019

Complaints about hot, stuffy offices are a common feature of UK summers. As the frequency of summer heatwaves in the UK seems to be on the rise, employers need to consider the effect of the heat on employees and take the steps necessary to protect their health and welfare. Gordon Tranter considers the issue of a maximum office temperature, the risks of working in hot conditions indoors and the actions that should be taken.