Safety upside down

22 September 2021

Belinda Liversedge looks at health and safety at work developments in Australia.

Oral hygiene in the Early Years Foundation Stage

22 September 2021

Revisions to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework now require childcare settings to do more to promote oral health for children. Rebecca Fisk explores the key role that early years providers play in sharing public health messages with children and parents about their oral health.

The power and importance of learning advocates

22 September 2021

An organisation’s culture and work ethic flow down from the top, which means that if leaders are not driving the learning culture the whole organisation will suffer. Obtaining the full support of the organisation’s top influencers, ie executives and managers, creates a strong foundation for a continuous learning culture. In this article, Judith Christian-Carter takes a look at the importance of learning advocates and some of the ways to get them onboard.

Towards net zero

22 September 2021

Many businesses and organisations have announced their intention to become carbon net zero. This is possible for larger companies, but what about the small business community?

Feet first

22 September 2021

When selecting slip-resistant footwear, it’s vital to also consider factors such as the level of comfort provided to the wearer, says Simon Ash.

Health and safety in 2050

22 September 2021

Concerted global action could cut the toll of work-related injury and ill health over the next three decades, says Mike Robinson.

Hybrid working: getting it right

22 September 2021

Strong levels of trust between managers and employees are one of the cornerstones of successful hybrid working, says Adrian Wakeling.

Trading with Northern Ireland

21 September 2021

When the UK left the European Union, special arrangements were put in place for trading with Northern Ireland. Here we examine the current operation of the protocol.