The Employment Bill — is it worth the wait?

12 April 2022

Looking back to December 2019, before the world was irrevocably changed by the Covid pandemic, employers had another issue on their minds: the Employment Bill. This much lauded piece of legislation, containing many of the recommendations from the Taylor Review and subsequent Good Work Plan, was set to bring in a raft of new rights for employees and make Britain the “best place to work in the world”.

Resilient woodlands in a changing climate

11 April 2022

Pests and diseases have posed a threat to trees and woodlands in the UK for many years, but globalisation and the changing climate is increasing the risks. Laura King explores the situation and how organisations involved in woodland creation can ensure that they are planting for the future.

SEND Green Paper Consultation

8 April 2022

The Government has published a Green Paper, setting out proposals for changes to the education provision for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Jean Alder examines the Green Paper’s provisions.

Opportunity for all: a government White Paper

8 April 2022

In the knowledge that a White Paper is not legislation but spells out the intentions and aspirations of the Government, Michael Evans looks at some of its hopes for the future.

Chemical database

7 April 2022

The Croner-i chemicals database contains over 110,000 chemicals records which are collated into single, comprehensive reference chemical charts. It is continually reviewed and frequently updated.

Parental bereavement leave — where are we now?

7 April 2022

From 6 April 2022, parents in Northern Ireland will finally be given rights that parents in England, Wales and Scotland have had since 6 April 2020: the right to take time off following the death or stillbirth of their, or their partner’s, child.

Adjusting triggers for absence management

7 April 2022

Employers often find absence a tricky thing to manage. There is a need to balance compassion for the individual, the realities of life (we all get ill or injured at some point) and the sound running of the business. What must employers consider when applying absence management policies?