Case report: High Court decision in HS2 tree felling case

15 July 2022

On 16 November 2021, the High Court gave judgment in the case of Roblyn v The Director of Public Prosecutions. Mr Roblyn had appealed against his conviction in the magistrates’ court for preventing tree felling.

Digitisation: how does it improve construction?

14 July 2022

Digital technology continues to advance and numerous tools that can assist construction are being developed. Roland Finch, independent Specification and Contracts Specialist, explores available technologies in more detail.

Responsibility for the health and safety of off-site employees

14 July 2022

Every employer has a duty of care towards their employees—but how far does that duty extend? When they are in the workplace, this duty is fully in force. However, what if their work takes them off site? What if an accident occurs during work time outside of your premises? In this article, we look at the responsibilities of employers and how to keep your off-site employees safe.

Handling hay fever hot spots at work

14 July 2022

It is estimated that as many as 18 million people in the UK suffer from hay fever but for some workers symptoms may be worse while they are at work. Vicky Powell examines the “hot spots” around the office that can have huge implications for allergy sufferers and what employers can do to reduce the likelihood of their staff suffering such allergic reactions at work.

Managing staff through a UK heatwave

14 July 2022

Employers in the UK don’t typically have to worry too much about how to manage staff during periods of extremely high temperatures. Indeed, there is an abundance of information available on making alternative arrangements for rain and snow, but with temperatures set to reach almost 40 degrees next week, employers will need to put measures in place to keep teams cool and comfortable. There could be added issues if staff can’t get to work or, in some cases, if they pull a sickie to make the most of the warm weather. As such, it’s best to be as prepared as possible.

The future of water

14 July 2022

Plans to protect England’s water environment are currently being consulted on. Laura King outlines some of the proposed measures, and how businesses can prepare for future changes.

MPs and peers get behind Keep Thriving campaign

11 July 2022

The British Safety Council held a parliamentary reception on 14 June as part of its Keep Thriving campaign, bringing MPs and peers at the House of Commons together to discuss how we can ensure workers thrive. The Keep Thriving campaign seeks to help improve the wellbeing of workers, within and outside of the workplace.