Pets and the planet

11 March 2022

One of the biggest environmental impacts linked to owning pets is the production of meat-based pet food. Caroline Hand explores the effects and how businesses can explore more environmentally-friendly methods of feeding our animal companions.

Understanding Employee Assistance Programmes

10 March 2022

Employee Assistance Programmes, or EAPs, are designed to assist employees with personal or work-related concerns and matters that may impact their job performance or wellbeing, such as difficulties with mental health. The services operate as a separate body to an employer, offering free and confidential assessments, short-term counselling, referrals and follow-up services for employees. Their primary aim is to help guide employees through situations in a way that provides the individual with the necessary support to avoid a negative impact on their work life and health.

Legislation enacting increases to limits for tribunal awards becomes law

10 March 2022

Employment tribunal claims can be costly affairs in both time and money. From dealing with the matter internally, perhaps through a grievance procedure, to responding to tribunal paperwork, engaging representation, preparing for a case and attending tribunal, it all adds up. This is time better spent on the business and is best avoided at all costs.

Marauding Terrorist Attacks: managing the risks

9 March 2022

Marauding Terrorist Attacks (MTA) are described by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) as “fast-moving, violent incidents where assailants move through a location aiming to find and kill or injure as many people as possible”. Mike Sopp looks at how to manage the risks.

Croner-i Chemical-inform legal register

9 March 2022

While there is no legal requirement to have a legal register, companies often use them as part of management systems aligned with international standards. Caroline Raine explains what a legal register is and how it can be a practical tool that improves efficiency and helps to reduce costly mistakes.

Removal of restrictions without guidance risks virus ‘free for all’

9 March 2022

Ending isolation without clear guidance risks unnecessary spread of the virus in workplaces and could put vulnerable people at serious risk, some scientists and union leaders have warned. The British Safety Council urged employers to continue to allow staff to take time off to recover if they test positive or have Covid symptoms.