Was the Red Tape Challenge worth the effort?

10 January 2012

Paul Clarke takes a look at the recently-published report from the Department for Transport on the impact of the Red Tape Challenge on the road transport industry.

Rethinking workspace — a discussion

10 January 2012

Are we approaching a fundamental change in the way corporate real estate (CRE) assets are used? Paul Carder, Managing Director of Occupiers Journal, reports on a recent “open group” discussion on Linkedin between CRE professionals.

FD profile: Lucy Thomas, BSkyB

9 January 2012

Neil Hodge meets the satellite broadcaster's finance director and hears how BSkyB continues to outperform the market.

Liberating the NHS: the current state of play

6 January 2012

The Health and Social Care Bill is currently with the House of Lords, which is debating in fairly minute detail the issues its reforms raise. Meanwhile, changes have had to be initiated in the NHS in preparation for when the Bill becomes law in the first quarter of 2012. Thoreya Swage highlights some of these changes, setting out the current state of play at the beginning of 2012.

What’s in the news? December 2011

6 January 2012

December, usually a quiet time in the news, brought much-awaited government plans for a reformed Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which aims to significantly reduce the burdens of bureaucracy. The Government also has ambitious plans to drive up the standards of reading in young children, believing this is essential to improving progress later on. Child poverty and strangely, at the same time, child obesity, also feature in the news. Is something wrong somewhere? Susan Roddy has the details.

Apprenticeship safety measures to be relaxed

5 January 2012

Business Secretary Vince Cable has told an Association of Colleges conference in November that employers and training providers who offer apprenticeships will no longer have to “comply with any requirements which go above and beyond health and safety legislation”.

How to start your own school

5 January 2012

Free schools are very much in the news at the moment. Michael Evans knows what it’s all about — he started his own school from scratch some years ago. Here’s his story.