Government Coronavirus aid for business

16 November 2020

There are a number of schemes that the government is providing to help businesses during the coronavirus crisis. Some schemes are coming to an end, whilst new support is also being introduced. This is a summation of the main schemes that are available.

Moving out of lockdown: public transport guidance for operators

13 November 2020

In its Covid-19 Recovery Strategy, published in May 2020 and updated in July at, the Government said that it wanted to begin a gradual return to work in England. While anyone able to work from home should continue to do so, it insisted, those who needed to be at their place of work should be looking to return as soon as employers confirmed it was safe. However, the guidance continued, what these returners should not do is overload public transport.

Covid Secure: working safely for food businesses including restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services

13 November 2020

The Government has issued guidance for employers to enable food businesses to carry out their activities while keeping employees and others, such as customers, safe. Louise Dawkes considers the specific guidance for restaurants, bars and cafés, giving practical suggestions for workplace safety and other sources for help, advice and support. From 5 November 2020 changes have been made to trading conditions for the hospitality industry.

Getting back on the road: driving safely during Covid-19

13 November 2020

A look at the key principles in the Covid Secure guidance Working safely during Covid-19 in or from a vehicle to provide a practical guide for hauliers and other operators on how to work safely during the current pandemic.

Managing currency exchange risk

12 November 2020

The effect of currency exchange on an exporter’s bottom line is just one of the many risks that can severely affect the potential profitability of a sale. For just about every business outside of the eurozone, trading with someone in another country means that one party has to do business in a currency that isn’t their own.

The extended furlough scheme — what’s changed?

12 November 2020

With the Job Retention (furlough) Scheme having been extended once again, many employers will be wondering if there are any key changes to the Scheme to be aware of. In short — yes, there are. Ben McCarthy, lead researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i, examines this more closely below.

Alternatives to redundancy — suggestions

11 November 2020

In this article, Stuart Chamberlain, Croner-i author and employment law consultant, outlines alternatives to redundancy for employers such as the Government's Job Retention Scheme (“Furlough”), while managing a pandemic such as the coronavirus (Covid-19).