13 June 2022

Loneliness Awareness Week, which is hosted by The Marmalade Trust, runs from 13 ̶ 19 June this year and focuses on raising awareness of the impact of loneliness on mental wellbeing. What exactly is loneliness, how does it impact mental health, and what can be done to address it in adult social care?

School attendance

13 June 2022

Parents have a statutory duty to ensure that their children start full-time education once they reach compulsory school age. This will be on 31 December, 31 March or 31 August following their fifth birthday. However, most children start full-time education in the September after their fourth birthday. Michael Evans considers some of the issues associated with school attendance.

A safe workplace for school staff

10 June 2022

There was a time when it was inconceivable that school staff would need to be able to defend themselves in the event of a violent assault. Sadly, this is no longer the case. Michael Evans looks at ways of ensuring that schools can be safe working environments for staff.

Loneliness … easier to get through with help from other people

9 June 2022

The pandemic has left significant legacies. For many people, working remotely from home has opened up welcome and long-lasting opportunities. For others who draw strength from workplace companionship and camaraderie, it may have marked out a negative path to loneliness. Jon Herbert reports.

Green skills and sustainable growth

9 June 2022

What are green skills, and why do we need them? Laura King looks at the case for change, and how to start developing these skills in the workforce.

Safety Expo 2022: show report

9 June 2022

The Safety & Health Expo returned to London’s ExCeL centre in May after three years’ absence, and huge changes in the profession and health and safety landscape in that interim. Belinda Liversedge reports.