Olympics’ safety report from HSE

19 January 2012

HSE has published the first of a series of research reports designed to share good health and safety practice adopted and learned during the construction of the Olympic Park. The report shows how the adoption of a no-scapegoating culture by the ODA and its contractors encouraged workers to raise health and safety concerns without fear of reprisal, leading to a safer work site.

School trip advice available from HSE

19 January 2012

The first batch in a series of case studies illustrating how to plan and deliver school trips without excessive health and safety red tape are now available on HSE’s website.

Housebuilder fined over boy’s injuries

19 January 2012

A housebuilding company has been fined after an eight-year-old boy was seriously injured when some timber roof trusses fell onto him. Paisley Sheriff’s Court heard the boy was playing when he got into an unsecured storage area on a construction site in the town. The development was nearing completion and some of the houses had been sold off while work continued on others, and the young boy’s family had moved into one of the completed homes. Although the boy was rescued from under the roof trusses by neighbours, he suffered a serious injury to his liver and abdominal bleeding. The HSE found that the site was only partially fenced, which meant it could be easily accessed by members of the public.

Costing the earth

19 January 2012

Chris Warburton looks at the environmental concerns surrounding the mining of rare earth elements in the developing world and emerging economies.

Cause and effect

19 January 2012

Impact reporting for charities is complex and requires a subtle analysis on a case by case basis, says Pesh Framjee

Time for a tachograph update

18 January 2012

Paul Clarke takes a look at proposed legislation to make tachograph fraud more difficult and to reduce the administrative burden on transport operators.