Versatility in the supply chain

31 August 2021

Businesses have been going through one of the most tumultuous periods in living memory. Brexit and Covid have had serious, but wildly varying impacts on performance. Do we assume that these are exceptional circumstances and look forward to a return to normal sometime soon? Or has the game changed permanently? We discuss the supply chain.

Government coronavirus aid for business

27 August 2021

There are a number of schemes that the government is providing to help businesses during the coronavirus crisis. This is a summation of the main schemes that are available.

How to communicate in a crisis

25 August 2021

Good communication is an important element of any health and safety management system. But how should you adapt your communication in a crisis situation such as a pandemic? Mike Sopp highlights key guidance.

Get up off that thing

25 August 2021

The move to home working may increase the prevalence of ill health and obesity if workers spend more time sitting, so it’s essential employers encourage staff to exercise more, says Dr RS Bridger PhD.

Seize the opportunity

25 August 2021

Employers should now be applying the same rigour to reducing traditional health and safety risks as they applied to tackling the risk to life from Covid-19, says Lawrence Waterman.