Last reviewed 2 July 2019

Welcome to Croner-i Passenger Transport, the online successor to the long-established looseleaf Coach and Bus Operations.

This new product includes:

Navigating around the product

The homepage is divided into six key sections. Click on these to find more detailed topics in each section:

  • industry controls — operator, driver and vehicle licensing, regulation and principal overarching legislation governing the PSV industry

  • standards, with an emphasis on vehicles and compliant operations

  • management and employment, including drivers’ hours, CPC, and employment of staff

  • running your business, which covers commercial and financial procedures, health and safety, risk management and environmental

  • operating overseas, with general and specific country advice to those operators who take vehicles abroad

  • law and guidance, including the legislation tracker, questions and answers, and a useful repository for documents.

On the right-hand side you will find other types of content. This includes:

  • current hot topics

  • what’s new items

  • a list of content that has recently been updated

  • feature articles written by experts and addressing significant topical industry issues.

And, as you use the product, the online chat box will pop up for you to enter any query you may have. Click on the “X” in its top right-hand corner to remove it.

Navigating the topics

Each topic is structured in a similar way.

Quick Facts give an immediate summary of key areas addressed, with links to the detail.

In-Depth contains:

  • key duties for businesses and their employees

  • the detail of the topic, in a section headed “in Practice”, with links to supporting resources and other references

  • a list of relevant legislation, starting with the most recent

  • sources of further information with links and contact details.

How to … guides give clear instructions for a particular task, for example How to Submit a Local Bus Service Registration.

Resources such as forms and worked examples for business processes are provided, for example Examples and cases that demonstrate hire or reward in the topic on Definition and Classification.

Employer factsheets summarise detailed material and enable the In-Depth material to be kept brief and to the point.

We hope you find the new product useful and simple to use but if you have any queries, call an expert for assistance on 0844 561 8102 or use the online chat facility within the product.