‘Presenteeism’, or people coming into work when they are ill, is growing, explains Mike Robinson.

A recent study into air pollution gave monitors to a range of people and collected minute-by-minute data on the levels of toxins they were exposed to. “People’s lives are complicated” was the researcher’s bemused summation of the findings that showed huge variety in the participants’ exposure. Whether driving or walking to work, going for a run, using scented candles or opening a window onto a busy road, thousands of decisions will determine how much pollution we are exposed to. How do you even make a start to reduce exposure?

As a charity striving to improve people’s safety, health and wellbeing, we need to go beneath all this complexity and find those underlying causes to influence change. Yet we must also reflect on the full breadth of symptoms to make sure that the causes we identify don’t miss out a whole set of issues that also need addressing.


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