Financial worries can have a negative impact on both an employee’s general wellbeing and work performance, explains Matt Stafford-Clack.

For employers, their employees’ wellbeing is a topic of rising importance, inevitably and rightly so given the Covid-19 situation. Even before Covid-19 though, many employers were realising that an employee’s wellbeing does not exist in isolation from their employment. Even with the best intentions to keep work and home life separate, employees must necessarily bring all of themselves to work. If their wellbeing is off-kilter, however, they are unlikely to be bringing all of themselves to work for you.

Despite not being an exact picture, we can usefully talk about an individual’s wellbeing as falling across a few broad areas: physical, mental, social and financial. Importantly, we have to recognise that deficits in one area of wellbeing are highly likely to have an impact on other areas.

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