The growing focus on promoting good mental health at work must not come at the expense of tackling traditional ‘physical’ occupational health problems such as harmful noise exposure, says Lawrence Waterman.

One of the dull but essential responsibilities of advisors on health and safety is to steer colleagues away from going overboard with fashion. This is not a comment on the oscillations of hemlines, or the over-buying by M&S of skinny leg jeans (generally not a good look on those significantly past puberty, John Cooper Clarke obviously excepted). I am referring to the business equivalent of this month’s flavour. In management, this may mean that every guru is talking one day about teams and on another about personal goals or explaining that to manage something you first have to measure it, while marketeers are trying to nudge ideas towards a tipping point of acceptance…perhaps we are all waiting for a new, universally acceptable paradigm! The fashions I am referring to are about health and safety.


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