Last reviewed 13 July 2020

Inspections are carried out in just one or two days, but your “internal inspecting” should be continuous and it is important to cover all key areas described in the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry systematically. This is where the interactive Inspection Audit Tool is invaluable. We explain how to use it.

Use it to:

  • measure and record your compliance against each of the CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry and relevant key indicators

  • create any actions you need to follow up

  • store your compliance notes and actions within in the tool, using an “at-a-glance” traffic light system to show your progress

  • edit or amend your audits at any time, print them or export them as CSV files.

Here’s how the tool works

Select the Inspection Audit Tool tile on the homepage

And click on “Create new care inspection audit”.

Choose which key lines of enquiry you would like to audit yourself against and name your audit:

Create your audit which will bring up the key indicators which relate to each key line of enquiry you have selected:

Click the green “Add” button next to each key indicator. This will bring up editable boxes for you to assess your compliance status, record evidence of compliance and enter any actions you need to carry out to achieve compliance.

Click “Add to audit”. Each key indicator is then stored in the relevant “traffic light” column, which you can access at any time to manage the entry or change the compliance status.

The image below shows those key indicators in the green Compliant tab:

Click “Edit” in the top right at any time to add or remove key lines of enquiry to your audit. You can also Print or Export as CSV using the top right icons.

For detailed information on each Key Line of Enquiry see Self Audit Tools.