Last reviewed 29 March 2022

Ramadan is the holy month of the Islamic Calendar during which Muslims partake in religious observance, including ritual fasting from sunrise to sunset. This year, Ramadan is expected to run from 2 April to 1 May 2022 and we have outlined some key ways to support staff during this period.

Ramadan is the holy month in the Islamic calendar where Muslims observe a period of daily fasting and prayer. It is important to remember that this religious practice can continue despite Covid-19.


Be understanding of your employees’ needs — if an employee informs you that they are taking part in Ramadan, you should hold an open conversation with them and explore whether any additional measures can be introduced.

Flexible working

Consider flexible working opportunities with staff, such as altering shift patterns or hours in order to manage any fatigue or drop in productivity that may occur as a result of daytime fasting.


Although you can expect staff to book holidays using the normal procedure, it may be wise to take a more favourable approach to short-notice requests related to Ramadan and overlook procedure where necessary.


Discrimination may increase during this period of religious observance and all employees should be warned that offensive “banter” is unacceptable and could potentially lead to disciplinary action.


Having a workplace policy on religious observance is a great way of setting out your stance on supporting employees and detailing which workplace rules are in place during Ramadan and other religious events.

Further advice

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