Applications for job vacancies through social media

28 August 2019

A very short time ago, jobs were advertised in the local or national newspaper, at significant expense, and a candidate would post his or her completed application form and curriculum vitae (CV) hoping that the Royal Mail would deliver this paper copy before the deadline. Every stage of this process has changed significantly and remarkably quickly. The question, asks Gudrun Limbrick, is are employers keeping up with the myriad ways in which potential candidates now communicate about important matters such as jobs?

Should recruitment plans target unemployed parents?

27 February 2019

Recruitment strategies implemented to supplement the existing workforce, or replace those who leave, are some of the key processes that will be overseen by managers. After all, business success is heavily influenced by the performance of employees. To fill over 3000 new roles created by expansion plans, the hospitality chain Travelodge is implementing a new internal recruitment plan targeting unemployed parents — is this a workable strategy for all organisations?

The benefits of a returner scheme

20 February 2019

The Government helped raise the profile of returner schemes when it pledged £5 million in 2017’s Budget to create hundreds of returner roles on programmes within the civil service, social care and teaching. Focus on this talent pool has accordingly increased, with professional networks now available for returners to join online, helping them to source opportunities or receive guidance and advice. Many large and small business are now operating returner programmes at various stages throughout the year, including those ran by Mastercard, O2 and the Bank of England.

Recruitment problems and “gut feeling”

7 January 2019

Gudrun Limbrick looks at a recent survey that has found that “gut feeling” is still the most common reason for hiring one person rather than another, despite all the tools available to help with recruitment and considers whether this represents a real problem or the best way of finding a suitable team member.

Teacher crisis

29 May 2018

Gill Coult, an education consultant, highlights a worrying trend concerning the attempt to recruit appropriate teachers for certain positions from an ever-decreasing resource pool and once appointed, the increasing number of teachers who prematurely leave the profession.

Achieving and maintaining an optimal staff structure

6 December 2017

If business never changed — same products, steady order book — staffing requirements would not be a problem. We would recognise the exact number of people and skills we needed and, having got them, recruit only to replace leavers. But business is not like that. Order books rise and fall, markets change as do products, new skills become needed, old ones lose their value, and as a result our needs for people and their skills are in constant flux says Bob Patchett.

Brexit and recruitment

15 November 2017

Gudrun Limbrick looks at trends and developments in recruitment since the vote to leave the EU.

Recruitment and the probation period

7 June 2017

Many employers engage new employees on a probation, or trial, period as a matter of course, to give them time to determine whether or not the recruit is satisfactory. In some ways this is a good idea, but not if used as a substitute for sound recruitment practice says Bob Patchett.