Partnership working to support children with additional needs

17 January 2020

There are many different reasons why children may need additional support which involves working with professionals outside of your childcare facility. This is known as partnership working, where professionals support children, and their families, together in a holistic way. It often involves sharing information, discussion and a commitment to working as a team around the child says Rebecca Fisk.

Having a financially healthy childcare provision

3 January 2020

Many providers have their accounting year end at the end of the calendar or fiscal year (31 December or 31 March), but whatever the provision’s year-end date Val Moore reminds us that childcare is a business, must be run on business lines and that includes keeping control of the finances.

30 hours funding — where are we now?

12 March 2018

The Government’s latest childcare programme was launched at the beginning of September 2017. Liz Hodgman, Childcare Consultant, reviews the progress of the extended entitlement and offers some ideas for providers to help make the scheme sustainable for their business.

Supporting children with ADHD

18 September 2017

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects about 2–5% of school age children. It is a complex behavioural disorder typified by problems paying attention, excessive activity and difficulties in exercising self-control. Young children with ADHD often have problems in settings such as early years services, nursery classes or at school where their difficulties in paying attention may result in poor achievement and disruptive behaviour. Martin Hodgson describes the background to the condition and reviews support options for early years providers.

Settling-in: supporting the transition from home to childcare

28 August 2017

As the autumn term commences, many young children face the daunting prospect of starting at a new early years provision. An effective settling-in policy is essential for any early years provider and helps to ease what can be a difficult transition for both parents and children, writes Elizabeth Walker.

Winter infection

8 December 2016

Nurseries and other childcare provisions are often seen as breeding grounds for infection and children can seem to suffer an endless cycle of minor illnesses. With the peak winter infection period approaching, all early years providers need to ensure they have up-to-date infection control policies and procedures in place. Staff, parents and children should all be aware of the role they can play in preventing infection outbreaks during the winter and this good practice should be maintained throughout the year, says Elizabeth Walker.

Holiday childcare

3 August 2016

Research indicates that this summer holiday period may be a difficult one for parents of young children as they struggle to find affordable and available childcare.

Being sued

7 July 2016

Fortunately, for childcare provisions the possibility of being sued is slight; however, better to be prepared and Val Moore looks at what may happen and what providers should consider.

Home Learning Packs

29 June 2016

With the growing emphasis on childcare providers being responsible for helping to improve home learning environments, Liz Hodgman, Childcare Expert, looks at developing Home Learning Packs (HLPs).