Adding H&S to the school curriculum

31 January 2020

Modern health & safety practice in education should boost exciting learning opportunities and not create legal tripwires as many urban safety myths suggest, says the official regulator which is keen to help school employers, managers and staff. Jon Herbert begins a new series looking at realistic risk management.

Epilepsy in the workplace

19 May 2016

Do you know your duties, as an employer, to people with epilepsy in the workplace? As Dr Lisa Bushby explains, “reasonable adjustments” are often very straightforward depending on the job and an understanding of what might trigger seizures.

Good staff management: some recent developments

3 August 2015

Nigel Baker of Lexicon Employment Law Training looks at some topical issues: managing false allegations against staff; online abuse; staff wellbeing; and health and safety responsibilities.

Sensible health and safety

2 February 2015

According to research by the University of Exeter, children come second in the list of groups most affected by health and safety myths. In this article, Michael Evans looks at some of these myths and at how schools can take a sensible, rather than a “better safe than sorry”, approach to keeping pupils safe.

The asbestos legacy: still here

10 April 2013

Asbestos remains a major threat to the health of those who work with it, yet three recent prosecutions suggest that this threat is still not being taken seriously. Nigel Bryson reports.