Country Profile — Australia

7 August 2020

Australia may be far away — it is one of the furthest destinations from the UK — but it is also the world’s 14th largest market and one of the most familiar to British exporters.

Evaluating new market opportunities

22 July 2020

It’s a cliché, but it’s true, nonetheless: the world is changing fast. A business that trades internationally needs to be able to understand and anticipate changing market trends, and to change their business strategy accordingly.

Cultural issues in international business

20 May 2020

Everyone involved in exporting knows about the barriers to trade such as tariffs, quotas and product standards and it’s a given that, when we sell to another country, we need to understand the legal regime. However, cultural requirements can be just as important but are often much more difficult to define. In this article, Tim Hiscock discusses the cultural rules and how they are mostly generalities about how people in a particular country behave. Not everyone conforms, and in any case, the customs change over time, sometimes quite rapidly.

Country Profile — Romania

17 January 2020

The EU’s fastest-growing economy, Romania is starting to gain a wider recognition among the UK business community.