Ofsted report on childhood obesity

23 October 2018

By the time children leave Year 6, more than a third of them are overweight. It’s becoming a national crisis and one which many schools are doing their best to address. An Ofsted thematic review reports on inspectors’ findings and Suzanne O’Connell highlights the main messages.

Using inspection to improve your school

13 December 2016

Periodically, a senior Ofsted officer will state that inspection has raised standards. The evidence for this is usually a string of statistics citing the number of schools that have moved from “inadequate”, or from “requires improvement” to “good” and from “good” to “outstanding”. The causal links are never really clarified and most people in schools ascribe the only link as fear. In fact, it is because Ofsted expects schools to act upon the inspection findings and build this expectation into their statistical findings. Here, Tony Powell, consulting educationist, explores how to use the inspection process and findings as a way of systematically improving your school.

Schools causing concern: changes in statutory guidance

26 September 2016

Procedures for local authorities (LAs) and the Secretary of State to intervene in “schools causing concern” are governed by statutory guidance. This guidance must be followed as if it has the force of law unless there are exceptional circumstances. In this article, Tony Powell, Consulting Educationist explains the parts of the guidance directly affecting schools.

Inspecting good schools — the inspection dashboard

4 April 2016

Since September 2015, there has been a change in the inspection cycle. Tony Powell, consulting educationist, explains that outstanding and exempt schools are still not inspected unless there is strong evidence that they have deteriorated.

Inspecting outcomes for pupils: the Common Inspection Framework

24 August 2015

The Common Inspection Framework (CIF) is necessarily very general because it covers a range of ages and settings. The detail is found in the separate handbooks for early years, maintained schools and academies, non-association independent schools and further education and skills. In this article, Tony Powell looks at the implications of the CIF and the evidence inspectors must consider from the evaluation schedule in the handbook for maintained schools and academies. Ofsted extracts are in inverted commas.

What’s in store for education during this Parliament?

20 July 2015

Politics is an unpredictable business, so it’s difficult to identify what will happen over the course of a parliament. However, as Tony Powell explains, there are two important developments already in the pipeline.

The Common Inspection Framework and strategic vision: the role of governors

6 July 2015

With the new Ofsted Common Inspection Framework coming into effect in September 2015, the need for governors to work with Heads and leadership teams to develop and share a strategic vision for their school has never been greater. Martin Hodgson explains how the strategic vision links to the new framework and what governors should do to ensure their role supports this vital part of school governance.

Turning failing schools around in record time

20 April 2015

Turning around schools from failing to good, or even outstanding, in a very short space of time is an area where multi-academy trusts excel. In this article, taken from a White Paper produced by Capita SIMS, Dr Albin Wallace, Executive Director of Research and Development at The Education Fellowship, Nick Weller, Chair of the Independent Academies Association and Executive Principal of Dixons Academies, provide their views as to why and how academies achieve this and the role pupil data plays in driving improvement.

Changes to Ofsted inspections: pupils’ achievement; behaviour and safety; teaching

23 May 2014

In January 2014, Ofsted’s subsidiary guidance introduced substantial changes in how inspectors should make judgments about governance, pupils’ achievement, behaviour and safety, and teaching in state-funded schools. Our previous article Redefining governance: focus on the governing body’s core functions dealt with the former in detail; in this article, Tony Powell looks at the most important points for the other three.