E-safety in schools

9 April 2019

Former Head, Michael Evans, looks at the issues surrounding e-safety and what schools can do to help pupils stay safe and make positive contributions online.

Sexual violence and harassment between children

27 March 2018

Awareness of pupil on pupil sexual harassment has grown over the years. Schools are now being urged to come down firmly against it. Suzanne O’Connell highlights guidance from the Department for Education’s (DfE) publication.

A question of priorities

9 November 2016

Educational writer Michael Evans, considers the pressures faced by our A&E departments and suggests a way in which schools might help.

Safeguarding guidance from September 2016

14 September 2016

It was consulted on in December 2015 and now the new guidance has been issued ready for implementation in September 2016. What will it mean practically for schools? Suzanne O’Connell considers the implications.

Sexual abuse — below the tip of the iceberg

14 March 2016

The Children’s Commissioner has made it clear. Only a small proportion of those children being sexually abused are disclosing it. Suzanne O’Connell, education consultant looks at what the school’s role should be in helping them to recognise and report their abusers.

Safeguarding pupils: the role of governors

22 June 2015

Governors have a key part to play in keeping pupils safe. Public enquiries into child deaths and abuse have consistently highlighted the need for those in influential positions in schools to have a clear understanding of safeguarding policies, procedures, and duties. Martin Hodgson looks at what governors should be doing.