Safety and car parks

17 July 2018

Car park owners, and any contractors operating car parks on their behalf, have a responsibility to ensure that car parks are safe to use. Mike Sopp looks at the potential hazards, the impact of safe design and use, and the benefits of inspection and monitoring.

Disabled workers and health and safety

6 June 2018

Health and safety laws must never be used to compromise the employment of disabled workers. Quite the opposite. The support available to employers and employees can help to create both an efficient working environment and rewarding employment opportunities, argues Jon Herbert.

Access all areas

21 May 2018

Having a disability should not mean that you are any less able to use a building or its facilities. Laura King reviews how to audit a building to ensure it is accessible to all.

Fire risk assessment and car park management

15 March 2018

Following the Liverpool Echo car park fire, it is time for all those responsible for enclosed car parks to review their risk assessment methodologies. Alan Field poses some questions that will help with a review of any current arrangements.

Hidden disabilities

31 August 2017

Many people cope day in, day out with hidden disabilities, which include hearing or vision problems, mental illness or chronic pain. Employers and colleagues often struggle to take these disabilities as seriously as they should because of the lack of physical symptoms. But, argues Jon Herbert, organisations are now better-placed than ever to improve both the lives of skilled, talented staff and the general workplace environment.

Workplace violence: protecting Civil Enforcement Officers

12 March 2014

Beverly Coleman and Justin Tyas examine the case of a city-based local authority that implemented the use of body cameras for its Civil Enforcement Officers because of the high levels of violence and aggression they were encountering.

How accessible is your workplace?

28 November 2012

Most people are blissfully unaware of the issues of accessibility and inclusive design, although these issues affect the buildings, environments and services we use on a daily basis. Charlie Turner of System Concepts considers how employers can ensure that their offices are accessible for employees, visitors and members of the public.