Top health and safety queries in September 2018

3 October 2018

Over the past month, the most popular health and safety queries to our dedicated helpline have involved health and safety legislation, policies and welfare. The welfare of employees should always be a focus point for employers, though an increase in queries of this nature are to be expected as we approach World Mental Health Day (10 October). For advice on these topics or any other health and safety queries, speak to a qualified consultant on 0844 561 8149.

Case report: fine and order to pay compensation for dumping asbestos

31 July 2018

On 22 June 2018, Truro Crown Court ordered Glebe Quarry Limited to pay £26,500 in fines and costs and £17,000 in compensation for illegally handling and disposing of hazardous waste. The court also ordered the company to proactively inform the Environment Agency (EA) which sites they are sending waste to in the future and to take remedial action at the sites where they dumped waste.

Asbestos — dealing with a very real threat

25 June 2018

Although banned in the UK, the presence of asbestos in buildings can still pose a lethal threat. Laura King takes a look at what organisations and facilities managers need to do.

Cancer in construction: health risks on site

5 May 2017

Statistics show that construction is a high-risk industry for health issues as well as for safety-related matters. Andrew Christodoulou considers the high incidence of cancer among workers and advises on how to keep employees healthy.

Principles of good asbestos management practice

2 May 2017

Asbestos is a sensitive topic which can strike fear in those responsible for its management. Do you have it on any of your sites? Sebastian Mazurczak describes the main principles to aid in safely managing the substance.